PMB’s new special assistant on new media: yet another misplaced priority

PMB’s new special assistant on new media: yet another misplaced priority
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Assistant Editor, Gbenga Odunsi in this brief piece x-rays the recent appointment of another media aide by President Muhammadu Buhari and concludes that it is yet another case of misplaced priority.

Amid the financial crisis cum economic recession assailing Nigeria, President Buhari has appointed yet another special assistant on social media to the already existing five special assistants on New media.

These are-


  1. Femi Adesina – Special Adviser (Media and Publicity)
  2. Garba Shehu – Senior special Assistant (Media and Publicity)
  3. Tolu Ogunlesi – Special Assistant (Digital and New Media)
  4. Bashir Ahmad – Personal Assistant on New Media
  5. Lauretta Onochie – Personal Assistant on New Media


At this point, it is important to note that Nigeria presently has five special assistants on media, and only one economic adviser (Adeyemi Dipeolu)

The President Buhari – led administration seems to have more personal and special assistants on media than it has on economy. This is saddening for an administration whose preoccupation now is how to kick-start the fumbling economy.

The country is currently experiencing economic hardship, the masses are suffering and complaining bitterly.

All our ‘change’ president can do to resolve the debilitating economic crisis and cut cost is to appoint yet another personal assistant to launder his declining image on Facebook and Twitter.

What will be the job description of the new media assistant?

Perhaps managing Buhari’s social media accounts which someone else has been doing before?

President Buhari did not know a day like this will come when he will spend all his time, energy and resources at his disposal defending his actions and campaign utterances before Nigerians.

The appointment of Lauretta Onochie is a case of misplaced priority.

How does her appointment save cost? How does her appointment help our economic situation?

On the flip side, the appointment of a new special assistant on media is a welcome development if it will reduce plagiarism and ill prepared speeches.


The above view does not necessarily represent the view of Aljazirah Nigeria Newspaper



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