Pantami’s Link With Terrorist Groups: Nigerians Speak

Pantami’s Link With Terrorist Groups: Nigerians Speak
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Following the raging controversy surrounding the purported alliance with terrorist groups by the Minister of Communication Isa Pantami, and the calls in certain quarters for his removal, do you think the call for his resignation or removal is right? AljazirahNigeria’s Wisdom Onyeisi and Salome Unwuchola went round the city of Abuja to get the opinions of Nigerians.

Douglas Alex

Nigeria has been battling with terrorists. The government makes heavy amount of budget yearly for security because of terrorism. Pantami should be strictly investigated but before that he must resign and diligently prosecuted if found guilty the law should take its cause. Nigerians have not known peace because of the high rate of insecurity. I strongly believe that this is not just a mere accusation, besides; he has apologized and confessed to the crime which automatically indicts him.

Dayo Adejiri

I am not surprised to hear that Pantami and many other unrevealed leaders of the country are behind terrorism. It is shameful and painful to hear. Nigeria has lost billions of Naira and many families to terrorists. Pantami should be strictly investigated and dealt with according to the law. This will show Nigerians that there is nothing hidden under the sun, it only takes time to unveil the truth. God has started hearing the heartfelt prayers of many Nigerians and I believe that this Pantami issue is one of the answered prayers. But I am afraid, the cabals and President Buhari won’t allow him to face the law.

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Usman Aminu

First of all, Pantami should step down and be replaced with an acting minister of communication while he is investigated. One of the things the President should not tolerate is having a miscreant who has been supporting evil in the country among his government. If he is actually fighting corruption, he should immediately order him to step aside. Pantami is not the only northern Nigeria politician or leader who is a major sponsor of terrorism. He should be interrogated and others should be properly followed up in order to bring an end to terrorism in the country.

Donald Arinze

He should immediately resign or get ready for Nigerians, because time has come to put an end to terrorism. Pantami is a terrorist because anybody who supports terrorism is worse than the terrorists. He should face the law and be brought to book.

Jerry Ogbonna

When some of the citizens say that some of the top government officials have a hand in the long existing terrorism in Nigeria, it was looking like they want to tarnish the image of the government. Now the Pantami issue on ground has opened up the truth. My question is what is Pantami’s gain? Why has he decided to put the lives of Nigerians at stake? Does he mean he derives joy to see Nigerian young soldiers dying in the forest for nothing? Who has bewitched him?

I have been wondering and pondering on what could be his reason for such an attitude. Using Nigerian money and position to fight the same country you were called to serve. What a selfish ambition. He must be properly scrutinized even though he confessed to the crime.

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Danjuma Ibrahim

Well, it could be an allegation. According to the law, he should be investigated and given the privilege to prove his innocence. We all in this country want Nigeria to be better. I do not see any reason Pantami would be romancing with terrorists. At the moment, President Buhari’s APC ruling party should have the political will to advise him to resign. Yes, he has carried out so many innovations within the period he chaired the NCC but we are not building a superman but an institution. He has failed if really he supported terrorist organisations.

Beatrice Utah

He should immediately resign and be arrested. We can no longer condone such negative attitudes in Nigeria. We have suffered enough, spent enough on security matters. At this point, Mr. President should immediately order him to resign and face the law. It should not be twisted because Nigerians are waiting and watching as well. How can he sponsor terrorists to trouble a nation he is serving?  Mr President should ask him to resign or he should do it by himself else I will join the civil societies to demand for his resignation.

A. U Ebele

You see, there is nothing hidden under the sun. He is using his position and Nigerian money to support terrorists. What a shame! Mr President should know that such a leader is a stain to his government. He should immediately do something about him. Terrorism in Nigeria has made us unstable and given Nigeria a bad image. Now is the time to put an end to it. Pantami should vacate his position and submit himself to the Police for proper investigation. But am not sure if President Buhari has the political will to take decisive action.

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Ahmed Zakariyya

Until the court proves him guilty I do not have much to say. It is a very serious matter and I believe it should be on the table of Mr. President right now. Nigerians want to hear from him on this matter because of Pantami’s position in the country. Aside the many lives and money Nigeria had lost to terrorists, having a top government official accused of sponsoring terrorism in the country should be given proper attention by the Presidents because Nigeria now is unsafe for local and foreign investors. This is really affecting Nigerian economy and it should be properly addressed. Big tech companies and motor manufacturing are either left or planning to leave.


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