Our Aim Is To Emerges Champion Mark ‘D’ Ball Tournament – Ubong Udoh

Our Aim Is To Emerges Champion Mark ‘D’ Ball Tournament – Ubong Udoh

Joel Ajayi 

The owner of Hot Coal Sizzlers of Abuja female basketball team of Abuja Ubong Udoh has said that the aim and objective of the team is to emerge winner of the ongoing Mark the Ball Tournament in Abuja.


He stated this in an interview with Journalists shortly after his team, Hot Coal Sizzlers of Abuja defeated Novena Queens of Owerri 40-25 at the ongoing Mark D Ball Championship inside MKO Abiola National Stadium Package B. 

According to him, the  essentials of Hot Coal in this championship, first of all is that a tournament is the top of the high level for the female game so we are definitely going to be part of that and our objective is to win .

“We know that it’s tough competition but we are happy to be here and see here comparing ourselves to other teams and where we need to improve and the things we need to do to get to the level we want to get to.”

When asked if his team will participate in the league this year? He replied yes, of course this is like a warm up for us to any of the other leagues and structure of other leagues that are coming up.

“We are using this to prepare for that and I think we are preparing quite well too. I am very impressed About my girls and of course there is always room for improvement and we have strengthened the team in some areas and we are seeing the results of the scouting and recruitment we did and we are going to see by the end of the tournament where the gaps are and also see how we can strengthen the management as well 

“We have a good team, the coaches, we got an excellent team manager and you know I give all the credit to the team that supports the club. They are doing an excellent job and we have special selected players that are committed and that’s important to us. Last year we won nine trophies out of eleven tournaments so, we want to start this year as well. 

“We have what we call a sustainable framework, we have developed; to provide funding for the clubs whether they are here or not.” 

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