Office Of The Auditor General Of The Federation Stinks With Corruption, Nepotism And Boardroom Politics

Office Of The Auditor General Of The Federation Stinks With Corruption, Nepotism And Boardroom Politics
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Abdul Lateef Taiwo Bambose

Chairman Senate Committee on public Account Aisagbonriodion Matthew Urhoghide, has threaten to recommend for the sack of the Acting Auditor General of the Federation, Mr. Adolphus  Aghughu,  as the committee has discovered during the 2020 budget defence  the rot in the office of the Auditor General.

Mr. Aghughu, the acting Auditor General of the Federation, AuGF , was appointed in October , after the House of Representatives had raised alarm on the plot to extend the tenure of Anthony Ayine after attaining retirement age.

Ayine who was born on October 25, 1960 was appointed to the position on January 12, 2017 and attained the mandatory retirement age of 60 on October 25, 2020.

Appearing before the Senate Committee on Public Account with over 10 Directors , Senator Urhoghide, expressed shock over the number of directors on the entourage of the Acting Auditor General of the Federation as he succinctly put it” This is the first time an Auditor General is appearing with all his Directors in toe and this speaks volume of the politics in the office of the AuG office, because some people felt if you are not from within you should not head the Office”

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More revealitions were to follow when the budget prepared by Ayeni, before his retirement were not implemented by the Acting Auditor General , Urhorghide, the Chairman of the Committee said that the Audit report shows that “ Out of the #850 Million appropriated by the Committee in the 2020 budget for over head only #680Million was expended as the acting Auditor would not want to be associated with his predecessor in Office.

While #37Million appropriated for renovations of offices has been stashed in a bank while the offices of the Auditor General across the country lie wasted and in dilapidated structure.

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The Committee had threatened to recommend the sack of the Acting Auditor saying “ You know your office can be advertised and another Auditor General appointed”

The Committee further accused the office of poor performance and instutionalizing of corruptions in the MDAs as Blue Chips Companies are not been audited.

According the Chairman of the Committee the AuGF is guilty of compromise because they don’t audit the blue chips companies, and this attitude of if you are not one of us we cannot work with you in the AuGF is largely responsible for the corruption in the MDAs.

Senator Urhoghide lamented that while many of its offices are in need of renovations in lagos and other places , the Acting Auditor General has left money budgeted for the renovations in Banks, because he is afraid.

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Senator Abdu Kwari, Kaduna North, a member of the Committee described the appearance of some of the directors as embarrassing saying “ The way some of you dress, if you go to any office, nobody will take you serious, they will doubt your integrity, because some of you are not properly dressed , as Auditors your appearance matters” The Committee has referred back the Ag. Auditor General back to the ministry of Budget because of the shoddy budget presented by the office which did not capture, recruitments, pension and gratuities of Staff.


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