NPC Commissioner Inspects Training Centres For Adhoc Staff In Nasarawa

NPC Commissioner Inspects Training Centres For Adhoc Staff In Nasarawa

In Charge Of Nasarawa Satisfied With Ongoing Ad-hoc Training Exercise

By David Christopher, Lafia

The  Federal Commissioner in Charge of Nasarawa State in National Population Commission, NPC, Hon.

Silas Ali Agara, has stated that the on going training of ad-hoc Staff across the country by the commission to conduct a trial census was to equip them adequately with the knowledge and know-how on how the population census would be conducted.

Addressing the trainees at Karu Local Government Area of the state on Tuesday, Agara explained that the purpose of the training exercise was also to look at the challenges that would come up in the course of the trial census to be conducted soon in order to be addressed them before the 2023 main census.

“The paperless census is the first of its kind in the country and we want to get it right, that is why we have programmed ourselves to go out on trail census to look at the challenges that would come up in the course of this trail census and those challenges would be addressed before the main census of 2023.

“Given the fact that this time around the census exercise is going to be a paperless one or technologically driven using communication devices like Android phones ,PDF and others, the need to adequately train the participants becomes highly imperative”, he stated.

Agara who is also the immediate past Deputy Governor of Nasarawa State further explained that after the training exercise, it is their facilitators that would recommend what roles or positions they would be assigned to do during the main exercise.

He added that it is only the facilitators that would assess their performances and know exactly where and how they would be properly placed to conduct their duties.

“After your training, it is only your facilitators that would be allowed to recommend the proper places either supervisors, enumerators and others that all of you will be placed because they are the only ones that knows and access your performances not anybody from the NPC” he explained.

While addressing the trainees to endeavor to cooperate and learn all what they been taught by their facilitators, stated that even though amongst them there are those with higher paper qualifications, what the commission is looking after at the end of the training is the ability of the person involved to perform satisfactory and adequately.

Agara who toured all the classes in karu, Panda, Karshi and Uke all within the said local government area to see for himself how the training exercise were being conducted also said the commission has visited the traditional, community and religious leaders to seek their supports and collaborations towards the success of the exercise.