Northern Elders Forum Wants Buhari Impeached Because He Didn’t Give Them Job – Hon Datti

Northern Elders Forum Wants Buhari Impeached Because He Didn’t Give Them Job – Hon Datti


What is your reaction to the call for the impeachment of President Buhari, by Hon. Kinsely Chinda?

I cannot speak for Chinda, I am not the spokesperson of the House and I cannot speak for the House or Chinda, but the position of the House is that the House has nothing to do with that statement. The stament is not from the House and it is not from the Leadership of the House , it is not from the minority caucus of the House , Chinda is not the minority leader, we have the minority leader who speaks for the PDP and other smaller party.

Less charitable Nigerians and critics outside the APC believed the APC led National Assembly is rather protecting the integrity of the Party rather than protecting the interest of Nigeria as a nation, when it comes to the issue of insecurity in the Country.

You said you are a Journalist, so I expected to know, something that has never happen in this Country, Obasanjo was there, Jonathan was there, we invited this man, that is the President, the president said he is coming, wait for the outcome before you conclude. How can you say we are protecting him, when we invited him, something that is unprecedented? How do we protect him, we cannot pre empt him, we have invited him, we have to find out what is happening from his own end. There was resolution we asked him to come and explain and he said he is coming, but you said we are protecting him. If we are protecting him would we have invited him? Apart from being invited the Speaker and the President of the Senate went personally to deliver the resolution of the House to the President, so what else do you want us to do?

The insecurity has been there and it has continued to deteriorating?

From when and since when, if you said for a very long time?

Since the appointment of the service Chiefs by the president despite the claim that the Boko Haram terrorists have been technically defeated and degraded.

I screened them. Look at them there (pointed at a portrait of group photograph in his office) That was the day we screened them…

Because you screened them and you feel they have justified their continuous staying in the office amidst the call for the change of strategies in the fight against the insurgency?

Why are you preempting, we invited the president to know why he is not sacking them and now you want to force me to say something that has not happen yet. He has not come, why are you so eager? When he comes it depends on the explanations he gives, then you can ask that question whether it is acceptable to us , to Nigerians or any other persons but you cannot say some things that have not happen yet. And the insinuation that we are trying to protect him is a lie. If we are, we wouldn’t have invited him. It has never happened; Obasanjo was a PDP President for eight years, he did a lot of thing against the Constitution, he was not impeached, he was invited here, he refused to come, even evidence of his bribery was laid in the House, nothing happened, so why are you bringing in this type of sentiment.


But the Northern Elders Forum has also called for his impeachment, if you are trying to justify the fact that Chinda’s position is not a reflections of the opinion of the House because he is not the minority leader?

Who is the Northern Leader or what is the Northern Elder?

The Northern Elders Forum led by Hakeem Baba Ahmed ?

Who elected them as Northern Elder, anybody can claim to be a Northern elder, is it not just name? I can stay in my room and write anything and call myself may be Northwestern Elder as the spokesman, can anybody challenge me, is there any criteria?

In that Forum we have people like Professor Ango Abdullahi?

Who is Ango Abdullahi? You are talking, who elected them, where do they hold that meeting to elect them, are you the one who appointed them? Anybody can be a Northern elder, is it not just to write and call the press and said ,oya take this go and publish. When were they elected? Who are the Northern elders that converge to elect them as Northern Elders, to speak for any other person? They are just like any other group looking for what to eat. Today we are seeing some young guys, there is one that is called Shettima Yerimah, he said he is speaking for Northern Youths, he stays in Lagos, he knows nobody in the North and you people are promoting him. How can you speak for Northern youths, because Ango Abdullahi, was a Vice Chancellor? Hakeem Baba Ahmed was looking for position, he was not given, he suddenly became a critics that is all.

Baba Ahmed was also Permanent Secretary and INEC secretary?

Please Mr. Man , don’t say what you don’t know. Don’t talk about what you don’t know , because I know these people better than you , I spoke with Mr. President one on one , that was even the election in 2014, he is one person I know the president doesn’t even want to see because of the betrayer he did to him, he told me personally I discussed with me quote me anywhere , he told me personally in 2003 when he had case with Obasanjo , he was the secretary of INEC, he approached him, collected all their document and took it to Atiku , when he came he told Dogara to give him position, Dogara called me and I said don’t involve yourself in this thing I know the position of Mr. President he has betrayed him , so he never got anything in this Government , so let him continue to lament and make noise.

So all this people are people who lobbied for one appointment or the other and where not given quote me anywhere. That is how Nigerian elites are people believe they can always live with Government when they are not there they become enemy of Government , unless the Government give them contract or appointment , if you don’t give them they will go and form any group, you are from Lagos state go and form Lagos middle age young men, if you have any thing you put it in the press, is it not what Bode George is doing in Lagos every day, but in every election they will floor him, Tinubu has showed him he is the owner of Lagos , they said they don’t like him, they burnt his TVC, The Nation but he is still strong. This after 21 years that Olabode George has been shouting , he said Tinubu is finished, but Tinubu is not finish, he has finished him now in the by election that took place in the state , so you can go lagos form a group and said you are speaking for Lagos youth, so anybody can be a Northern elder.

But the Northern Elders Form has been in existence before Baba Ahmed, recall the late Abdulrahman Okene started it sometimes during the Abacha era in Kaduna?

Do you know where Hakeem Baba Ahmed came from, from where is he? He is from Zaria, Professor Ango is from Zaria, forget about Yakawada, he stays in Zaria all his life, so the two of you will sit in Zaria, one Local Government and you said you are speaking for Northern Elders, even with that alone is not enough to question the integrity of that Forum, have you ever heard of any other position, tell me who is the Vice Chairman of Northern elders Forum?

Who is the Secretary So Chairman and secretary of Northern elders from the same Local Government area in Kaduna state and they are speaking for the North, haba, use your common sense na . This association is just association of two people Ango and Hakeem Baba Ahmed how has that committee pass through any integrity test. In Kaduna there are 23 Local Government bares, they two them are from Zaria and they are specking for Northern Elders, who representing Nasarawa, Kwara, Sokoto are there no elders in these states? It is a fraud.

Go and find out as a journalist how Nigerians elites operates , if you are out of Government and you are not being patronized you become and opposition , that is just it. Let me tell you a secret, I was a member of one Committee, Ango was there, Sani Zango Daura, the father of Hon. Sani Zango Daura was a member and some group of Lecturers from ABU Zaria were members , we constituted a Committee as part of that Committee , they were criticizing, attacking Jonathan every now and then, Jonathan was Vice President, when Ya’aradua was sick, he called Ango Abdullahi and said Jonathan called him that he was coming to visit him as Vice President, I told him he is just looking for support because he thought Ya’aradua will die.

Because you and some of the people are the people speaking all the time, he said okay he is welcome , so when he became President he did not patronized them they were attacking him, I was invited as part of that meeting until the very day Aliyu Guasu was appointed the minister of Defence , so we came to a meeting to attack Jonathan, Ango told us no, there is no need now to attack Jonathan again because before this time we don’t have representative in Jonathan ‘s Government, now we have representative in the Government , we have Aliyu Guasu , I said sir how does that affect us?

He said no, Aliyu Guasu contested for the Presidency I was his Director General of his campaign, so you want me to respect this people as Northern Elders and that he should speak for me, when his friend was made minister of Defence he said we should not criticize Jonathan again, that if we have any issue we should go and meet Aliyu Guasu?

So I am just educating you on that misconception where anybody will just come and float any organization and said I am the Chairman, I am the secretary, and then he will begin to talk because he is not given position. Ango has three grudges with Mr. President, which personally I know, one affects me. I contested with his son, from the very day Ango join politics, I have been with him, you cannot mention three people without mentioning my name, when he contested for Constitutional Conference in 1996, I was the one who wrote petition to disqualify Sani Shaban, on behalf of Ango, I was contesting with his son who was just 30 years old.

Ango did not deem it fit that the Son should go and contest for the State house of assembly or anything, he went to meet Buhari, thinking that he is close to Buhari, that Buhari should interfere , Buhari, said no, I am not the Chairman of the Party, I don’t interfere in Party activities, the best place for you is to go and look for the party, that is his first grudge, the second grudge , his son is a Colonel in the Army, after 2015 election, he went to Buhari, that he should make his son the ADC , Buhari, said no, I have formed a Committee, they are the ones that will select for me, the third one Ango wants to be the minister of Agriculture and he was not given . These are his grudges.

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