No Difference Between Politicians And Prostitutes – Gumi

No Difference Between Politicians And Prostitutes – Gumi

The revered Kaduna based Islamic cleric, Shiekh (Dr) Ahmad Gumi on Friday averred that there is no difference between a politician and a prostitute particularly those who jump from one political party to another.

According to the Islamic cleric who was asked if they (Islamic Clerics) have any influencing powers on politicians particularly those who are Muslims, said “Most politicians lack ideology and that is why they jump from one political party to another and there is no difference between them and the prostitutes” he stressed.

Sheikh Gumi responded to the question from an audience of majorly seminarians and Catholic priests shortly after delivering a paper at the ongoing second theology week organized by the Good Shepherd Major Seminary in Kaduna. He said, clerics give counsel when necessary but while some politicians will take to the counsel, others do not for reasons best known to them.

On his paper titled, “Preaching and conscience formation of society in Islam’ said, ” Islam coming almost 600 years after Christianity. As another system of values, logically has a stand about the other established religions before it.

First and foremost, it recognizes the unity in the foundation of the Abrahamic theological faith of monotheism. It recognizes the prophets and their revelations, and therefore encourages dialogue and discussions by way of persuasions not arguments”.

He posited therefore that not everybody in the society is a believer, adding that to compliment preaching in molding the conscience of its adherence, Islam has employed to other basic approaches to personality and character engineering which has influenced the world subsequently during its era of spread and expansion.

He stressed that the role of homilies in the conscience formation can never be over stated, adding that the society needs to be constantly reminded of its obligation towards God and Man, but lamented however that it is evident that the society is deviating and becoming Kore and more resistance to positive change andnregusing to listen to sermons.

”By increasing intelligence, personal interest is overriding societal and collective benefit because of lack of wisdom. There is a loss of reference and moral compass to guide our conscience. Fake reformers with.seductive slogans taking the.stage, their fruitsbas bitter as gall with little or no option left.

”With vices on the rise, vices of every nature known and unknown, kidnappings, rape, ritual murders etc, genueine men of truth should stand out as the moral voice of sajitu in defiance to injustice, prejudice, bigotry, hunger and share evil” he admonished.

He said, Muslims should adhere to their religious devotion but adopt the persuasion methodology in the changing world of conflicting interests.

“The non Muslims should sew Islam as another system of values, the modern world cannot survive from the scourged of societal ills without its recognition and acceptance as another solution to salvage mankind”.

Responding to the paper presentation, Father Chukwunweike Emehel said, there is no gain saying the fact that is a correlation between the mills of any given society and the sense of moral obligation of those who form part of that society.


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