Nigeria’s power generation to hit 7000mw soon, says minister

Nigeria’s power generation to hit 7000mw soon, says minister

By Asare Asare

Electricity power generation in Nigeria will soon rise to 7000 megawatts if gas pipeline sabotage in the Niger Delta of the country is contained.

Minister of power, housing and works, Mr Babatunde Fashola gave the indication when he visited Cross River State to inspect power and road infrastructures under his ministry in the state.

He said the activities of aggrieved Niger Delta militants which have been the biggest challenge to power stability and increased oil production have affected steady power distribution in the country.

The minister said there is almost 3000 megawatts of power which is unavailable because there is no fuel occasioned by oil pipeline vandalism.

” We have got 4000 mw as at yesterday. So if we add the 3000 you can imagine what level the country would have risen. This means that we have the capacity to raise the megawatts to 7000.

“The biggest challenge we have today is the sabotage to the power assets.  People who want power cannot be sabotaging gas pipelines and depriving them country of fuel that is required to produce power.  It can be likened to cutting fuel line in your own car and at same time expecting the car to drive.

“You will see that in the last few days, the acting President Yemi Osibanjo has been particularly busy in this Niger Delta region, trying to reach out to communities to see what methods or efforts would bring peace and understanding.  This is because when there is peace that is when we can really talk about economic development.

“So I continue to say to our brothers in the region who are angry and breaking gas pipelines to understand that damaging these assets is not the best way to express their anger.  That doesn’t make their grievances unimportant.  Bringing down the house and the roof will not solve their anger. There must be a meeting of mind somewhere”, he said.

Fashola who is former governor of Lagos State said since Nigeria  fought for OPEC to cut oil production, and has led to increase in oil price in the global market, aggrieved people should allow the country to begin to earn the money.

“Our brothers should stop breaking our pipelines so that we can benefit from what we fought for. Nigeria made all the effort for the global oil price to rise through OPEC”, he stressed.