Nigeria’s 61st Independent Anniversary Celebration: Nigerians Speaks

Nigeria’s 61st Independent Anniversary Celebration: Nigerians Speaks

With Nigeria’s 61st Independent Anniversary Celebration held last week across the states amid growing dichotomy between the North and South, widespread insecurity, farmers/herders killings, and agitations for self-determination among others, Do you think Nigeria have made any reasonable progress in 61 years on of Independence and is there any hope for the future AljazirahNigeria’s correspondent, Wisdom Onyeisi went round the city of Abuja to sample public opinion.

Menim Rufus

Well, Nigeria as a developing country has actually recorded many good successes and as well failed in many other ways. But the major problem of this country is our leaders who lack what it takes to manage the country. This is the 61st independence celebration, and many Nigerians are still in poverty.

Our past and present government only knows how to initiate projects but fail to structure out how these facilities will be properly managed. We lack a maintenance culture and it is really affecting our growth as a country. On this 61st independence celebration, I will appreciate the leaders and as well charge them to do more with the resources in this country instead of embezzling it. God bless Nigeria.

J.T Olukoya

With this present government, I don’t seem to understand what is happening in Nigeria. Honestly, Nigeria is not advancing; it is good we tell ourselves the truth. Where is the growth? Which area? The health sector is zero, the educational sector has been from one strike to the other.

I am not actually being negative here, but I want you to critically look into it and you will find out that there is nothing working in the country because of the high rate of corruption. The Nigerian economy has been wrecked by this present administration because of borrowing upon borrowing. In fact, what this present government has done to Nigeria, it will take more than two decades to recover from it because of their selfish interest. Right now, there is nothing outstanding in Nigeria. We pray and believe our situation will change.

Abdulham Ibrahim

Happy independence celebration to all Nigerians. Actually our freedom fighters did well and we are grateful for their wonderful effort. But after all the stress and pain our heroes’ past passed through, we have decided to enslave ourselves again by killing ourselves and wrecking our economy. Nigeria at 61 and we are still at this level, it is very painful.

In this country, thousands of students graduate every year and have no job. Right now, people are very hungry in Nigeria. Everywhere is very hard because of the kind of leadership in control. How long will Nigeria remain in the mud? Other countries that are not as rich and blessed as Nigeria are doing exploit in every area. Just look at the insecurity challenges in Nigeria, see how people die every day and nothing is about it. At 61, Nigeria cannot boast of constant electricity, no good security, no good health facilities.

Ambrose Dede

Nigeria is our dear country no matter what we say or think. Nothing just suddenly becomes well, it requires effort and as well encountering challenges and failures along the way. For me, Nigeria is still undergoing the process and anything that undergoing a process requires time to be better.

That is the way I see Nigeria. Even with the leadership of the country, there will be a time where a lasting solution will come in terms of having good leaders who have the right mindset. So, I want every Nigerian to understand it and be patient with Nigeria as we perform our duties as citizens.

No matter what anybody thinks about Nigeria, we are celebrated all over the world because of contributions in many areas. I keep saying it and I will still repeat it, Nigeria has not failed. It can only fail when we Nigerians decide to be in failure. So, as long as we are not failures, Nigeria cannot fail. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Lawrence Ijie

Well, it is not all good and as well not all bad in Nigeria. Every country has their struggles. We are only praying and pushing to get better. This is a blessed country and the world can attest to it. All we need to do is to come together to handle our challenges. We should face it and deal with it without allowing those who hate good things to interfere or influence our focus. I strongly believe that if this government will mean it to make Nigeria and Nigerians better, they are successfully achieving it.

There are many things that are very discouraging in Nigeria. They should bring the youths into the government and allow them to explore their Wisdom and gift to better this country. I wish all Nigerians a happy independence celebration.

Collins Obiazi

As far as I am concerned, Nigeria has achieved nothing but poverty. When you travel out of this country you will understand that our leaders are doing nothing. The first and best way to make Nigeria better is to put a restriction on every leader in Nigeria from travelling abroad for anything until their tenures expires. It will make them fix those things they are running abroad to enjoy in Nigeria.

Nigeria as a country is lagging behind in every area and it should be the concern of any good leader. But the reverse is the case here. This is Nigeria’s 61st independence celebration, it is very clear that Nigerians are not happy. Everyone has developed a thick skin because of the critical condition in the country even with so much borrowing here and there by the present government. Our leaders should make amends and come to a strong agreement to better this country. Happy independence celebration.

Ukamaka Eke

Right now in Nigeria, everyone is suffering and smiling. If you address the situation in the country and call on the government, they will use DSS to close your mouth. What is happening in Nigeria now is a result of selfish leaders and citizens who are not ready to obey the laws and norms in the country.

Nigeria may have recorded success in a few areas but the question is what are the leaders or the people doing in order to sustain this country?  Nigeria is gradually going down and they are celebrating independence. There would have been a better Nigeria under the leadership of the whites. Look at what we are doing to ourselves? Embezzling our funds, killing and destroying lives and properties. Honestly, I don’t know the possibility of Nigeria taking a new shape in leadership and other areas but I know if some of these old leaders retire, changes will come into Nigeria.

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