Nigerians Speak: How social life has changed under Buhari’s Administration

Nigerians Speak: How social life has changed under Buhari’s Administration

Before the emergence of the “change government”, Nigerians “loved to party hard”, always looked forward to the weekends to unwind the week’s stress at recreational centers, social events, wedding ceremonies and night clubs.

Abuja, from Thursday nights, used to catch the bug of gyration, with relaxation and fun centers preparing grounds for events, which were usually at their highest peak on Friday nights, where the night crawlers hanged out at clubs, exotic lounges and bars.

Saturdays were the capital hub of extravagant wedding ceremonies, where the high and mighty in the society, including the haves-not wore their best to show their feats at wedding ceremonies and birthday parties. All these have changed now, because people can longer afford the luxury of extravagant social lifestyle.

Despite the global cash crunch, fun center owners still made a lot of money off events and night life, because business was good and also, fun seekers got all the excitement worth their monies.

However, since ‘change’ hit the country, everything around the ‘turn-up’ industry has changed. People can no longer afford to keep up with their usual extravagant social lifestyles that they have been accustomed to over time. Event planners now complain of the high cost of organizing wedding ceremonies. Not to mention lounges and club owners are now contemplating cutting off staff and other services, in order to stay in business.

According to Post-Nigeria in an investigative report toured around the city centers of Abuja, on Friday night, to relish the night and its ambiance, only to find an abnormal quiet around 11:pm. Wuse 2 which used to be the earsplitting arena of sport cars, music and young people popping Champagne, was a shadow of its self not until 1:00am, when the “party people” started showing up.

People had mixed reactions about social life under President Muhamadu Buhari’s watch. While some blamed him for hike of goods and services, noting that his policies has brought untold hardship on the cost of living and social life. Others however, believed his economic policies have nothing to do with high cost of commodities.

At The Bank night club, Wuse 2, which used to be cramped with deluxe cars, people drinking expensive brands and dancing themselves away, now receives less patronage, owing to the harsh economic realities on ground.

Speaking to James, a businessman and a fun seeker at the spot, he decried Buhari’s change government, noting that he appreciates the president’s spur to fight corruption, but his policies are affecting the very Nigerians he came to liberate from the shackles of poverty.

At Cliniq Bar and Grill, a subsidiary of The Bank, the Manager, Helen, acknowledged that the cost of running the business has skyrocketed, as prices of goods and services has tripled, but overall the business is still booming as usual, because customers are still buying. “I don’t think ‘change’ has affected business as such. Nigerians love to have a good time, we can adapt to any situation. That humorous part of us keeps us going, even in the face of hardship, that is why a cab driver can work so hard and still stop by the corner for two bottles of Lager”

She added, “on an average for a night, we sell more than 30 cartons of Hennessy a night (about 180 bottles), minus other brands. “Nigerians just want to have fun and enjoy themselves. So business is good as usual”

At Caribbian, Yemi Adedayo, another customer lamented that “change” has affected the lifestyle of ordinary Nigeriands, because things are outrageously expensive, adding that before now he and his clique of friends could afford 4 bottles of Hennessy (N20, 000 each) and some cranberry juice for the night, but currently a bottle goes for N30, 000 – N35, 000 depending on where you are seated.

“We can no longer afford that luxury. Times are hard, but “man must flex”, he jokingly said.

At Crush Café, an open bar and lounge, located at First Avenue Gwarimpa, usually crammed with revelers eating, drinking, playing of outdoor games, including but not limited to table tennis, badminton, video games and chess, the situation was not any different. There were fewer midnight patrons, as the management cried that, ‘change’ has them running the business almost at a loss.

Iman, the Manager of the spot who clarified that relaxation spots are not only a platform for people to unwind after the hustle and bustle, but they create jobs for the teeming populace, stressed that customers no longer go for expensive brands. They would rather come and enjoy the serene atmosphere on a few bottles of Lager.

Nigerians have a huge appetite for fun, that is why they can afford to hustle in the day and bubble at night no matter the economic situation. Nigerians are trying to curb their huge hunger for social life, by cutting down their spending to suit the economic situation. Nonetheless, whether PMS rises to N200 or the cost of goods and services increases further, one truth that remains, is that Nigerians will always find alternative ways to unwind and enjoy life to the fullest.

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