Nigerians Speak On Replacing FSARS With SWAT Unit

Nigerians Speak On Replacing FSARS With SWAT Unit
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Following the current #EndSARS protest that has rocked the Nation in the last one week. Do you think replacing Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad, FSARS, with Special Weapon and Tactics, SWAT, will bring any positive difference? AljazirahNigeria’s DEBORAH ABIODUN and AYOMIDE ALAGBE went round the city of Abuja to get the response of Nigerians.


I never supported the #EndSARS protest. What we could have asked for is restructuring the squad, that would have brought about positive difference in the squad because the bad eggs among them must have been fished out and punished and doing so would have served as an example to others who are into such bad attitude that is ruining the image of FSARS but since the deed has been done, we expect the best from SWAT and expect them to perform better than FSARS so that Nigeria can move forward.


Firstly, am happy that the federal government heard the cry of the poor masses concerning the issue of EndSARS and dissolved the squad but am not also happy about the creation of SWAT because we don’t know what harm they will also do to Nigerians. I think police, army and civil defence are enough to handle whatever criminal activities that is happening in the country, all that the federal government needed to do is provide them enough ammunition, improved welfare package and training to deliver a good job and once in a while organize training for them in order to keep updating them on security issues in the world and that is enough rather than keep endangering Nigerians lives all in the name of creating new squad.


FSARS missed it right from their recruitment. Most people that were recruited into FSARS were more like touts. How they behave, dress and talk pointed to my claim; and that was what led to the damages and I hope that same mistake will not be made while recruiting people into SWAT otherwise SWAT might just end up like FSARS. We need people that are educated, and security wise in every security agency and not just some people that harass and kill people of the society. We are meant to be protected by them and not killed by them.


I am positive about this movement. I believe that the government will be wise not to make mistakes that happened during the time of FSARS and SWAT will bring about great changes at least people will now be able to use and wear expensive and trendy clothes and cars without been harassed by FSARS, people will not be scared to use expensive phones because they don’t want to be tagged internet scammer, people will have that right to move around the country without been called frauds. All these harassment has been put to an end.


We can’t say yet if replacing FSARS with SWAT will bring about positive changes in the country because they are yet to start discharging their duties but I will advise that the Inspector General of Police appoint someone to educate the new squad on how to discharge their duties, state their line of duties to them; anybody that goes beyond his line of duty should be punished and there should be someone to monitor their activities to make sure that they don’t go beyond their boundaries and invade human rights.


I stand with my fellow Nigerians to end police brutality; the government must answer to the people’s cries and end police violence in Nigeria by the Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad (FSARS). Thousands of Nigerians have been protesting against the frequent cases of illegal detentions, assaults and shootings by FSARS officers. The mostly peaceful demonstrations have however been disrupted by police. Government should do something about this instead of replacing them. Because that is not what we need for now, all we want is peace.


I don’t support this decision made by the government, it’s of no use replacing the FSARS with another Special Weapon and Tactics, SWAT, because what gives the assures that this people will be better than the special anti-robbery squad, what gives us the full confidence that this swat will bring peace to the country, this is not what we need now. The federal government should find a solution not bringing another set of criminals to the country.


Am not in support with the government replacing SWAT with SARS because the problem of police violence in Nigeria is not vocabulary but systemic. The solution, therefore, is beyond a mere change of name from SARS to SWAT. A systemic problem requires a systemic solution and to efficiently address the issue, the Nigerian Police Force needs to be healed from the root; they should do something about it instead of changing from better to worse.


Well I don’t have much to say about these issues because even the government itself is confused on what to do about the issues. It just like the government is changing FSARS to SWAT retaining the same set of criminals and violent murderers by training them with special weapons to kill the youth because it makes no sense. Instead of them to join hands with the youth and make peace in the country they are saying they want to replace them for what reason do they want to replace the FSARS, will that solve the issues on ground, anyways if that what they think would help fine they should go ahead with their plans and act fast before it too late.


I think it is a better idea by the Nigerian police replacing the FSARS to SWAT, I think it is for the betterment of the country and also to make peace and unity.

The Nigerian Police had set up a new tactical unit to take over the responsibilities of the disbanded Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) with a new team to be called Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). We should join hands together with the Nigerian police so we can fight against these crimes in the country.


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