Nigerians Speak On Hike In Electricity, Fuel Prices

Nigerians Speak On Hike In Electricity, Fuel Prices
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Following the recent increased in fuel price to N158 and electricity tariff to N166 per unit. What do you think about it? AljazirahNigeria’s DEBORAH ABIODUN and AYOMIDE ALAGBE went round the city of Abuja to get the response of Nigerians.


The news of increase in fuel price and electricity tariff came as a shock to me in fact am yet to recover from the shock because I don’t understand why the present government just want to frustrate its citizen by increasing the price of all most everything, first it was increase of VAT, Cable tv, food stuffs, and now is increase of fuel and electricity tariff which will definitely result to cost of products and cost of transport. The government should please come to our rescue and reduce the price of things so that the poor masses will be able afford a living and not die of starvation.


To say am disappointed in this government is an understatement, the moment you summon courage and want to hope for the best in this country, the worst comes knocking immediately. Increase in fuel price and electricity tariff is the last thing we expected considering the pandemic that befell the country in the past few months, incident that rendered most people jobless, homeless and instead of the government to look for a way to make it up to the people that loosed a lot during the lockdown, they are adding to fuel price and electricity tariff. Maybe the government need to check the price of things before they came into power and price of thing when they emerged their office, so they can see the damages made in the past years.


I can say is that the government should please reverse these increases. The truth is that these increases will do Nigerians no good presently due to what we are passing through at the moment, most people salaries have been slashed, some have not been paid for months and if the increase in fuel persists then definitely there will be increase in transportation which will in turn affect everybody. The government should please put us, the poor masses into consideration.


It seems like the present government does not have the knowledge of the pains Nigerians were passing through before the increases not alone after the increases. As citizens have not benefited anything good from this government rather the government have been extorting from its citizens and has left us with nothing. The government should please consider us, the pain is unbearable and I pray it doesn’t lead to the death of many.


I think the government are trying their best, the president already explained the reason behind the increase in fuel, he said he doesn’t want Nigerians to experience fuel subsidy so definitely there will be increase in fuel. As citizens we should keep praying for the government, country, and continue to hope for the best because to be sincere this year has not been a good one; nobody can be blamed for that.


At this point in time that everyone can barely survive; I don’t understand how the government could approve this increase. The former fuel price was already a problem and people were struggling to find money to pay their bills and then this happens.  The increase in fuel and electricity tariff shows that the government have no sympathy for its citizen, they are not trying to ease our pain, instead, they are adding to it. They can’t keep on increasing the standard of living in a country where most of its people live below the poverty line. It is unrealistic and unfair. It is so painful to think that the people who have the power are meant to serve the citizens but the reverse is the case. 


This increments is seriously affecting us all in the country and it is annoying, ever since the government announced the increase in petrol and electricity tariff everything has change we can no longer buy fuel to our generator, this increment have made transport fare cost and also we can no longer enjoy the electricity the way we do before because of this increments. I think Nigerians should head together and protest against this increment for it too late because it’s affecting us.


I don’t know what to say about these issues because this increase is not fair to us not even in any way, this is total wickedness for we Nigerians especially we that don’t have our personal cars, although the federal government said this increment was part of the requirement for the approval for proposed world bank loan for the power sector and i can see we are moving forward for our power sector reforms but still this increase is too much at least they should reduce it in a way we could all afford.    


I think Nigerians can no longer hold their emotion on the increased in fuel price and electricity tariff because it is not favourable at all, when there was fuel subsidy during the former president regime i could remember that the APC movement protest. This move led to a national protest and many people voted the President Buhari because of the promises he made to reduce fuel price but he rather surprised us by increasing everything.


We can’t continue like this in this country because if we continue like this one day this country will no longer exist again. How much are they paying we the government workers that we will be buying fuel at that high price, these increments can’t work this way the government should remove it or reduce it, even the electricity tariff that was increase what the use is not that they increasing this will make them give us 24hours light in one week.


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