Nigerians React To Joint Health Sector Union Strike

Nigerians React To Joint Health Sector Union Strike
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Following the ongoing seven days warning strike embarked by the Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) over COVID19 hazard allowance. AljazirahNigeria’s DEBORAH ABIODUN and AYOMIDE ALAGBE went round the City of Abuja to get the responses of Nigerians on the issue.


I don’t think that the Joint Health Sector Union is to be blamed for embarking on strike since the government has refused to meet their demands by paying covid 19 hazard allowance.

It’s not easy taking the risk of coming out to treat and care for infected people when you fully know that you can be infected in the process of doing that but these people were still doing their job despite the risk. So I think it’s best for the government to pay them for work done so they can resume back and at least that will help encourage them to do better.


I am so amazed that the federal government can still owe the health sector despite the risk they took and the money that the government poured out during the pandemic. If the health sectors are not paid then all the money they said they spent during covid 19, what did they spend it on? The federal government should please pay the health sector their hazard allowances or come to favourable agreement with the health sectors. So that they can resume work before things get out of hands.


Our government is to be blamed for the health sectors action because the sector was left with no option than to embark on strike since the 15 days ultimatum it gave to the government elapsed on Sunday 13th September 2020, and there was no response from the federal government. The government should own up to its responsibilities and pay the health sector for the good of the country.


I am not saying the health sectors took the wrong decision, they are fighting for their right but the health sector should please bear it in mind that their strike will end up affecting the poor masses. This can’t affect the government, they can always go for treatment in private hospitals whenever they fall sick but the poor masses that cannot afford to go to private hospitals might just end up dying of sickness especially now that there is sickness everywhere. So, the health sector should please come to a conclusion with the federal government so they can resume back to work.


The economy is hard and the government is trying to see how they can balance things. The health sector should reason with them and stop making things hard for them by embarking on strike. Health sectors strike is the last thing Nigerians need now considering all what we passed through in the last few months. The government and the health sector should meet at the middle point.


I don’t have any observation about the strike concerning the joint medical staff union because the Joint Health Sector Unions said they decided to go on strike because of the Federal Government’s inability to meet their demands, including the need to fix structural and infrastructural decay, payment of health workers’ hazard and inducement allowance, among others. And also the Federal Government withheld the salary of its members for some time and now they say it’s ‘no work, no pay on the demands of the union.


Am in support of this action because the medical staff are really trying their best for the betterment of this country but the government is not appreciating them for the hard work and sacrifice made. I think now that they have taken action the government will take them seriously and appreciate them by paying their money soonest.


I support the action of the medical staff to go on a strike because they have asked again and again for what should be their right but the government is not paying them attention. These people are putting their lives at risk but the government isn’t even bothered enough to provide the proper facilities that they need. How are they meant to perform their work effectively when they don’t have the materials they need? Then the government offers them a compensation fee of N5000 for risking their lives. Does that even make sense? And it’s not as if the government is paying them this money or their salaries on the other hand. The government has been taking them for granted. They are stressing themselves, risking their lives and that of their family and working hard only to have their salary withheld. It is unfair. They didn’t come to do free labour and the sooner the government understands that, the better for the nation.

EFEMENA JOHN, DOCTOR I can’t blame JOHESU embarking on a strike, they are fighting for their right and I think that is the best language the government understands better. If the government had done the right thing, JOHESU wouldn’t have embarked on strike. The health workers issued a 15-day strike notice to the Federal Government to press home their demands. The meeting also noted that lack of effective communication has made it impossible for the unions to appreciate the degree of investments made in the sector.

The medical staff said the strike action is to press home our demands, including poor funding and infrastructural decay in the health sector, discriminatory policies and favoritism, poor welfare of our members, and also pay owing buildup of salaries, and allowance of our members among others.

Before JOHESU decided to go on a warning strike they tried all resolution means they knew to make sure that the government understood their pain and came to their aid but all to no avail that was why they resulted in the strike since that is what is going to draw the attention of the government to their pressing needs. The government should do that which is right and JOHESU will resume.


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