Nigerians Bare Their Minds On Demands By #EndSARS Protesters

Nigerians Bare Their Minds On Demands By #EndSARS Protesters
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The #ENDSARS protesters issued certain reform demands to the Federal Government. What is your opinion about the demands? AljazirahNigeria’sDEBORAH ABIODUN and AYOMIDE ALAGBE went down the streets of Abuja to get the responses of Nigerians.


I support the demands the protesters made, everything they asked for will help build a new and better Nigeria because this our country is already messed up by our so called government and the only option we have so that the country will not collapse is the seven point reformed demand which is institutional reforms, cost of governance, constitutional reforms, education reforms, health reforms, youth affairs and public office reforms and I will advise that the government listen and act on the demands of the protesters in order to avoid collapse of Nigeria.


This thing is not hard, we voted you in and you are in that position to serve us so if we are telling you what we are passing through as and what can be done to savage the situation, what I expect is that you work on it, simply. We were fighting against SARS and police brutality and all can be done by the government is to change the name of SARS to SWAT, what a government? It’s high time the government knows that they are not leading dumbest but humans with feelings and until our demands are met, protests continue, revolutions take place.


Since the government has decided to ruin the country, I think the best thing is for citizens to take the future of the country to their hands and that is what we are doing. The government does not care about the country, so the citizens are telling them give us this or you leave power. Enough of our brothers and sisters that have been killed by same people that are meant to protect us, enough of having our kids roam about the street because we can’t afford to give them a living due to the failed government, enough of our wives dying during labour because of poor health facilities at our public hospitals just because we can’t afford the private hospital or travel out for treatment as they do, enough of our graduate roaming about the streets after graduation, no employment because they don’t have connection or money to bribe to get employment, enough of embezzlement. As a country we put our voice together to say “No to bad governance”. We’ve had enough of it.


The government should please grant the demands of the protesters’. This protest is becoming something else to the extent that people get to sleep on the road because of no movement and besides everything that is stated in the list by the protesters is for the advancement of the country, so the government should listen.

JOEL MICHEAL, Senior Citizen

The damages in this country did not happen one day, so we know that the repair won’t be one day but the president should find a way to speak to the protesters and assure them that things will be put in place at least that will make Nigerians know that the president is feeling our pains. He should reassure us of a better government.


This ongoing protest is making me believe that truly Nigeria has a future, long before now I already gave up on Nigeria but the protest is making my lost hope come alive again and concerning the demands made; the government should grant them what they requested for because that is the only way we can sort out the issues we have in this country.


My opinion about this issue is that the government should listen to the youth, they should grant their demand so that the country can be at peace. Because many people have lost their lives and properties during the course of the protest, we can’t continue like this, it is not favorable to us. The government should act in order to avoid the protesters pressing on.


Am in full support with the protesters, they are doing the right thing, it our right to demand for justices. Governments are not helping issues at all; they are just making decisions that can never favor the country. The Federal Government should grant us our demand and also the Police officers must no longer work in plain clothes but always appear in their uniform or permitted strategic gear, and their duties should be limited to robbery cases, kidnapping, the likes, and not harassing innocent people on the street. If they do all of this, I rest assured peace with flow in our country.


I see no crime or anything wrong for the protesters to demand something from the government and besides our determination to reform the police should never be in doubt. I am being prepared regularly on the reform efforts ongoing to end police brutality and unethical conduct, and ensure that the Police are fully accountable to the people that all we demand from the government and nothing more. So therefore they should grant us our demand. We are tired of the way things are going wrongly.


To every youth taking this as seriously as they should, let me say that you all are the real heroes! Whether they like it or not, Nigeria belongs to us and we won’t allow ourselves to be slaughtered day in, day out. What we requested from the government is nothing much. We just want to enjoy that which we are entitled to.

PAUL KINGSLEY, ENGINEER Well I don’t have much to say about these issues and my opinion on this is that the government should try all they could to meet the protesters’ demands because these people are bringing peace, unity and togetherness to the country. They mean no harm to the country, all they just want is for the government to join hands with them and make peace and unity in the country.


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