Nigerians Bare Minds On Creation Of Another Anti-Graft Agency

Nigerians Bare Minds On Creation Of Another Anti-Graft Agency
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Following the proposed bill by the Attorney General of the Federation that will create another anti-graft agency to partner EFCC, ICPC, CCB others in the fight against corruption. What is your opinion about the proposed bill to create another anti-graft agency in the country? AljazirahNigeria’s DEBORAH ABIODUN and AYOMIDE ALAGBE went round the city of Abuja to get the response of Nigerians on the issue.


I don’t see any reason the federal government wants to create another anti-corruption agency knowing full well that these agencies have done more damages to the country. Instead of them to use the position acquired to fight against corruption and make the country a better place, they ended up embezzling money; and I don’t think this new agency will be different, instead of creating more damages by creating more agency I think the government should look into fishing out the bad eggs in the anti-corruption agency, so that their work can be more efficient.


This is a good development, at least it will fasten the job of the anti-corruption agency and we would get results. There is no way this country can be a better place except corruption is put to end and we need more competent hands to achieve that, creating another anti-corruption agency is a good one.


I know that President Muhammadu Buhari wants to put an end to corruption at all means but that is not among the pressing needs of the poor citizens. Creation of a new anti-corruption agency is the least we expect considering what Nigerians are passing through, we have lost thousands of souls due to insecurity issues, almost every day innocent people are killed, kidnapped, butchered, I was expecting the government to look into that issue and proffer a solution. We would have loved it, if it were the creation of a new security agency that was proposed to the federal government; maybe the government needs to ask for the needs of the poor masses before making decisions.


I don’t see this movement as that which would in any way end corruption or favour the citizens of Nigeria rather I see this as a plan to embezzle more money from the country’s pocket. We trusted EFCC to help end corruption in Nigeria not until they were found guilty of the same corruption they were supposedly fighting, so I don’t see this as a different game, this will end up with the same old story which is corruption. Can corruption fight corruption?


I believe in this government and we can see that they are working very hard to end corruption so as to put every other thing in place. Besides, the creation of another anti-corruption agency will help reduce unemployment rate to some extent. I am so happy about that and am expectant of a better Nigeria.


I really don’t have much to say about this because there is no use for creating another anti-corruption agency. Many Nigerians have kicked against the creation of the Crime Recovery and Management Agency, thus calling for the strengthening of the existing Anti-Corruption agencies. We all know that the fight against corruption in the country has not been an easy one, even if the government had tried setting up an agency like this which had become quite imperative in a bid to combine on the gains achieved so far in the government’s war against corruption, I just hope this creation of anti-corruption this time works well for us.


We all know that corruption is Nigeria’s biggest problem. It has not only shattered public interest in government but has costs the government and the people of Nigeria billions of naira, due to corrupt management of public funds, unrealized public projects and deteriorated infrastructure, even history has showed that Nigeria has had anti-corruption institutions in one form or the other since the 1970s and there has been debate about the effectiveness of institutions such as anti-corruption agencies. Some argue that anti-corruption agencies may provide an effective means of promoting probity in government and protection of state income and expenditure. Transparency International states that such bodies are more often failures than successes and I believe that where such anti-corruption agencies are truly independent, it can help in decreasing corruption.


I support the creation of another anti-corruption agency because looking at our situation critically; corruption has eaten deep into all ranges of life in Nigeria. This unpleasant situation has resulted in a down turn of the economy.

Relevant stakeholders in government have affected this evil of corruption by diverting public funds to selves. Funds meant for infrastructural development of the society are embezzled. These defective situations have induced the citizens to cast away moral values to engage fully in corrupt practices. In a bid to control the danger of corruption, Nigerian government established anti-corruption agencies to fight corruption.

Anti-corruption agencies such as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and others have set out against the spread of corruption. However, the efforts of these agencies are asked because of the motivated state of corruption in Nigeria. It is against this backdrop, that this paper examined corruption and the anti-corruption agencies in Nigeria.

It also reflects the influence of Nigerian Government on both corruption and the anti-corruption agencies. I think that anti-corruption agencies in Nigeria can become effective if the government and its officials are committed to fighting the menace of corruption.


 An anti-corruption agency should be a separate, independent and permanent department whose key function is to checkmate corruption in the society and government activity. I am highlighting the word independent because independent and non-partisan commissioners are necessary to ensure a high level of neutrality when investigating corruption cases. It is therefore imperative that the influence of political relationships and conflicts of interest be kept to an absolute minimum in such cases. I believe that the establishment of another body to fight corruption is a prerequisite only if this body will be truly independent of political influence. If the government will assure the citizens of full independence for the new anti-corruption, then I fully support this decision.


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