Nigeria to Host World Beer Award for Africa 2022

Nigeria to Host World Beer Award for Africa 2022
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Joel Ajayi, Abuja

The Regional Director of the World Beer Awards for Africa 2022, Emeka Ihumezie has disclosed that Nigeria is playing the host country in the annual ceremony.

Ihumezie made this known while briefing journalists in Abuja, at a Press Conference on the line up activities of the forthcoming Beer Award.

According to him, Hospitality360 Africa Ltd, owners of Drinks4Dummies TV and Zermatt Liquor Ltd, owners of Beer Barn Nigeria have partnered with the World Beer Awards to organize the 2022 World Beer Awards for the African region.

He explained that the World Beer Awards is the global event that rewards the very best in all internationally recognized beers and promotes the world’s best beers to consumers and trade across the globe.

Ihumezie added that the World Beer Awards have 3 major types of awards it confers on the beer world, the first is the Award on TASTE,  the second on DESIGN and the third is the ICONS of Beer Awards.

‘’ 3eThe Taste categories are based upon the commonly held beer groupings, which define the style and process of beer production.

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‘’On the design awards, beers are judged on their packaging beauty, designs and aesthetics with five design categories in which an individual product can be judged. Each category reflects the major product or display areas of the market.

‘’The Icons of Beer simply celebrates the brew masters, the ambassadors, the retailers and the breweries. In a nutshell, the ICONS of Beer Awards, honours those who have worked tirelessly to produce and promote beer.

‘’Every year, beers from across the world are tasted by groups of Judges to select which is the best. And for over 20 years now, we have come to witness the finest of beers winning the World Best Awards in their respective countries, and with many going ahead to win the grand prizes at the global stage in London.

‘’We all know that some of the best beers in the world today are brewed in the continent of Africa. Africa has its role in the history of beer with ancient Egypt playing key roles in the beer evolution story dating back 500 years ago. even the story of the first ever beer production by Sumerians in Mesopotamia was documented in Ancient Egypt. In February 2021, archaeologists found a 5,000year -old beer factory in Abydos, Egypt.

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‘’Africa is home to many international and local breweries that are at the top of their games, brewing some of the best beers out there in the world. From the coast of Northern Capes through Kenya in the East to Cameroon in the South and down to the West, Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra Leone I have tasted some good beers,’’ he stated.

He said that the beers do have the capacity to compete at the global stages, noting that  the brewers, the designers, the distributors, Bars, Supermarkets and the drinkers all deserve recognition and should be rewarded and awarded.

He stressed that the WBA is just the right type of rewards to honour all the players with.

‘’Beer in itself is the most drank beverage in the world only after water, Tea, coffee and orange juice. The making of beer itself is an art, blended in a simple but magnificent piece of engineering. The process of beer making, design, marketing and promotion should be celebrated. We have all come to appreciate the riches, the tastes and the different flavors of beers out there in the market today and the many men and women involved in the entire process also deserves to be recognized.

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‘’For over 2 decades now, the World Beer Awards have joined us all in the celebrations of our favorite beers the world over, designing a very transparent process of selecting the very best in each country, and then selecting the very best among the bests.

‘’The portals are now open for entries. To register your beer or your Icons, please visit or you can contact our Partners in Africa Beer Barn Nigeria and Drinks4Dummies,” he added.