Nigeria Still Needs Its Entities

Nigeria Still Needs Its Entities
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It has become obvious that the nation is currently overwhelmed by sundry challenges never seen in its long history and piecing together by Lord Federick Lugard in 1914.

From that amalgamation that later culminated into independence in 1960, apart from the civil war years that took its fair toll on the nation’s existence, our collective existence has never come near this depth of near general discontent and extensive anarchy across the country.

From the South to the North, the refrain is about the same. Mutual distrust, regional agitations, banditry, kidnapping and unwarranted anarchy are the hallmarks of today’s Nigeria. Not a few analysts have come with various descriptions of the dangerous phenomenon. A few optimists though have dubbed these commentators as doomsday prophets whose positions are not only alarming but preposterous.

With every sense of modesty and without sounding alarming, these are not indeed not healthy moments in most parts of the polity and there has come a need to beckon on all stakeholders to take cautious and proactive measures to stop these ticking time-bombs from detonating. It is indeed sad that those whose duty it is to handle some of these raging security and related challenges are playing politics on the matter that is likely to exacerbate beyond controllable levels.

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Some are dodging the issues for some parochial or selfish reasons, especially as the permutations for the 2023 general elections have correspondingly been on the front burner in almost all the major political parties and across the nation. We must quickly counsel that without a peaceful and united nation, the issue of who gets what come the year would only be a mirage and a mere wishful thinking as no political headway would be made in a situation of anarchy. These times call for altruism from all sections of the country as it is a moment to genuinely discuss the issues that are propelling discord and mutual distrust among the various entities making up the nation.

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With regional agitations for secession, AljazirahNigeria pointedly state that while the global approach to self-assertion and agitation is allowed within the context of what is civil, we are averse to anarchy and any move that would lead to another civil war or total anarchy. We postulate that all the entities making up Nigeria have long co-existed in various forms even long before the amalgamation that produced today’s Nigeria.

We must remind all entities that make up the country that given the intermingling and intricate social cohesion over the past, it is a better option to go for what could cement a stronger nation than destroy.

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It is on that note that we urge that it is not time to seek self-serving devices when some are on edge over alleged imbalance and seeking some relevance in the polity. Some have called for devolution of power, restricting and baseline sharing of the nation’s resources. All these may be pointing at the same thing depending on what each means to the different agitators.

We must not handle these scenarios with kid gloves as a dire situation requires a more than an ordinary response. It is time to sit up by all and sundry.


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