Nigeria On Auto Pilot?

Nigeria On Auto Pilot?
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Nigeria appears to be running a brand new democracy with all her tentacles relying on feeble limbs unable to pull off from a dangerous cliff. It is obvious that the tenets of democracy are eroding this fast declining national ethos.

With a dwindling character in the ranks of the opposition, the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, appears to be coasting home with a stupendous negative attitude, such that has been unprecedented since the nation’s nascent democracy began in 1999.

While pundits have argued that the worst form of democracy is better the most benevolent autocratic regime, it is not clear if the current drift in our total essence can qualify for what is the aspiration of the ordinary Nigeria.

Politically, the nation is running aground as the only expected vibrant opposition, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP is itself enmeshed in internal squabbles, undermining its power to put up vibrant positions against the supposed ‘grip’ of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

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With a lackluster opposition, the APC is left alone to flounder in its empire where it calls the shots alone. There are many things the opposition needs to do, many political watchers have asserted. Putting the ruling party on its toes would ensure effective representation where the will of the common man would be accentuated.

With a failure of the opposition to effectively police the ruling party and its organs, it follows therefore that the country is running on auto-pilot, where the leadership has become unnecessarily complacent. Where there are adequate checks and balances as expected in every vibrant democracy, Nigerians would not be crying foul and calling for an urgent turn around.

Feeble anti-APC elements take on issues that are not germane to good governance and public good by scratching the surface of the matters at stake. The APC-led government rode on the wings of a fractured economy and a heightened security lapse across the country. It is doubtful if the proponents of the regime’s agenda can effectively beat their chest that they have paid the bills when it comes to the campaign promises that hinged on these issues.

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While we are careful in giving a score card out rightly, we are convinced that the government must continue to strive at all times to assuage the concerns of ordinary Nigerians who are daily waiting to see an improvement in various areas of their existence.

Nigerians have not been this polarized since the Nigerian civil war which ended with a ‘no victor, no vanquished’ dictum.

AljazirahNigeria calls on the government to close the various bridges that appear to divide the various ethnic groups who now see Nigeria as agglomeration of strange bedfellows. This is possible if the leadership at various levels jettison ethnicity, religion and such other sentiments which have held the various groupings in mutual suspicion.


While we do not support any violent push to actualize any aspiration, it is imperative to caution that the government must act within the purview of the nation’s laws to bring culprits to book where it becomes obvious that there is breach of the nation’s sovereignty. Agitators whose aspirations are genuine must also align their activities with acceptable universal practices so as to legitimize their concerns. We hold that anarchy has never been the answer to any known human discontent. It is better to “Jaw-jaw than to war-war”, as it is often said.


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