Nigeria At 59: Time For Crucial Stocktaking

Nigeria At 59: Time For Crucial Stocktaking

In the year 1960, precisely on October 1, when Nigeria attained independence, there were great anticipations from not a few individuals. Their optimism was buoyed by the fact that the colonial powers themselves had given various indications that there was a great nation ahead given what then seemed like great potentials.

Fifty-nine years after, it is still unlikely if all that enthusiasm still stand the test of time.

However, it would be unfair to the memories of the nationalists, who fought tirelessly to ensure the nation’s freedom not to pay tribute to them in a moment like this. In line with this position, we recall the efforts of Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Alhaji Tafawa Balewa, Chief K.O. Mbadiwe and many more others who stood in the line of intense resistance to ensure that independence was won.

AljahzirahNigeria appreciates their unflinching commitment to a cause that has seen our country free from the shackles of colonialism. We also salute all Nigerians on this auspicious occasion.

There were many grounds for many Nigerians at that time to be upbeat in their expectations then. In particular, the nations were irresistible to its worst critics and these are evident till date. Its large population, attendant with an expanse of land, ocean and economy supported by huge oil deposits were indeed unprecedented in Africa. As it were, other unexplored solid minerals have placed Nigeria on a pedestal that would keep it perpetually on the list of nations to beat globally. These are complemented by a resourceful and resilient populace.  This is exactly why in every part of the globe; one would find a Nigerian being the best in his/her chosen professions. Nigerian doctors, engineers, lawyers among others are about the best outside our shores and we appreciate this resounding disposition.

However, with these accolades comes demeaning posturing in Nigeria where the scenario is characterized by a brain drain that has seen more professionals streaming to other countries in droves at the detriment of our economy which is lying prostrate as a result of complacency in leadership over decades.

The political elites have been advertently or otherwise derelict in steering the affairs of the nation. They jettisoned the virtues of hard work, excellence, merits and embraced reward for mediocrity, where corruption has become the order of the day. It must be reversed if the nation would move on the path of recovery.

AljazirahNigeria is averse to the lacklustre posture of leaders who only think about selves at the detriment of the common good. At 59, we can no longer say we are a toddler nation. Hence, we urge the political class to evolve a will that would engender good governance across the country.

Since the nation’s independence, many Nigerians have continued to dwell on divisive tendencies than the positive elements that can prop inspiration for a united and prosperous nation. These tendencies have not in any way assisted the nation to evolve its true potential as the giant of Africa.

It is a time for stocktaking across all sectors. The nation’s leading lights represented in various callings must begin to appreciate Nigeria first before putting their egoism and personal interest to fore.

We must take stock as citizens too as what extent have we individually aligned our interest with national aspirations.

The people and its leadership must be altruistic to national concerns where corporate interests would take precedence above the personal one. We commend President Muhammadu Buhari for allowing some form of celebration of the independence anniversary beyond the low key that has characterized the anniversary in recent years. By that, younger Nigerians would not only have an inkling of what the celebrations used to be in the past but also begin to appreciate the essence of patriotism.

AljazirahNigeria calls for genuine reconciliation of concerns that threaten our existence and tolerance of one another rights in any form. We are averse to any form of division, be it religious, ethnic or tribal that will negatively affect the unity of our great nation, Nigeria.

Long live Nigeria!

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