Need To Eschew Hypocrisy And Uphold Zoning In Cross River By PDP

Need To Eschew Hypocrisy And Uphold Zoning In Cross River By PDP

By Michael Okang

The definition of history that still whets my appetite though with little sense of pride because the subject lost its glory at the secondary school level, states thus; History is the study of the past, to understand the present, and to construct the future.

In understanding these phases that embody the meta-phases, one will come to terms with the stark contrast between the various historical times and their accompanying events. This is not to say that little justice will not be done at giving life to the phases of our political metamorphosis.

Cross River State is a multiethnic society, and man as man at any point in time wishes and wants to be in the scheme of things. This accounts for the gospel against monopoly. Let’s look at it from our dogs at home, if two dogs are playing, the play becomes uninteresting when only one dog keeps falling. If the animals respect zoning in their day-to-day disposition, how much more humans. But many times, greed and selfishness take a greater part of our reasoning.

It is not surprising to see many championing the campaign against zoning even when most of them if not all rode on the back of zoning into public offices. We have even heard of the argument by some persons that once a particular zone takes the seat of governance, they are automatically eliminated from contesting from such a seat as the position ordinarily goes to the other zones.

Funny how it may sound, it is not uncommon to see humans twist facts, twist history, and probably wish to bend time and season to favour their course. Such is the case with Cross River State on the celebrated debate on zoning.
The current PDP Chairman enjoyed the dividend of zoning and even pleaded with Rt. Hon. Adah, chieftain of the party who indicated an interest in the job. This happened just last year 2021 when the former Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly indicated interest to contest as State Chairman of the Party. Why didn’t other zones contest for the seat? Your guess is as good as mine. Cross Riverians have seen and accepted zoning as the ideal way of sharing political offices. They have taken a step further by stating that even in the zoning, let the people’s choice take the day. No one should impose a candidate on us.

Today, one will see Cross Riverians speaking from both sides of their mouth. Barr. Okoi Obono Obla wants the senate zoned to old Obubra because he is interested, but does not want the governorship zoned. Senator Jarigbe took the fight of senatorship against the sitting governor on the sentiment that Ogoja has not produced a senator before. People stood by him and others joined as well to destroy the politics of imposition, “the governor said”.

Rt. Hon. Alex Egbona is the latest to engage in the macabre dance. He wants the senate in the central senatorial district zoned but the governorship to come from any zone. Let’s agree they want the best for the state if the governorship is open to all. Does it mean they don’t want the best for their senatorial district?
Politicians truly have no shame. Too much bitterness, hatred, and vengefulness by these sets of homo sapiens, they are producing a stench that is polluting the land. Sen. Sandy Onor might deny none participation in the existence of an accord tagged the Calabar/Ogoja Accord or probably because he was very young.

According to him, it is a document that is not relevant in the current political situation. However, if the senator is truly the historian that he is, he should have educated others about the place of history in shaping current realities. To describe a document irrelevant by no other person than a historian does not show scholarship. It’s a total aberration, non-conformist, greed, power monger, and brute arrogance.

We wish to remind the caterpillar senator that power was not ceded to the north but zoned to the north. The document is in the public domain for all to see. This came with a proviso of the south taking power in 2023. He should remember that while he was in his political wilderness, the state couldn’t have been left unattended. His denial of the existence of such an accord that was further fine-tuned in 2015 is further exposing his political ignorance.

HE Donald Duke, a one time governor in Cross River State got a dose of his medicine when he attempted to play god a few days ago. He got more than he bargained for, and God forbade him from making such a political mistake. If and only if he has learned his lesson.

For the PDP State Chairman, it is either someone is playing the script he is acting with cash to throw around or he is over blinded by hatred against Governor Ayade yet he forgets that Ayade is just an individual that cannot be bigger than the party. We all are witnesses to how the people and the party spoke, and Ayade lost his relevance. Barr. Venatius Ikem should not make his tenure unpopular because of personal ambition, and greed.

Away from all of these, let’s see what the PDP Constitution stipulates on the zoning of offices. The Constitution of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), explicitly stipulates the Party’s position on the principles of rotation and zoning in Party activities and political candidacy.
Section 7(3)(C) of the PDP Constitution, mandates that in the pursuit of its aims and objectives, the Party shall adhere to rotation and zoning policies in Public elective offices in pursuance of the principle of equity, justice, and fairness.

The significance and recognition of these fundamental principles by the PDP cannot be overemphasized. Moreover, the applicability of these principles in the Cross River State PDP Governorship candidacy selection process is embedded in the Party’s Constitution.

In a widely circulated video, HE Nasir El-Rufai who is not even a PDP member spoke convincingly on zoning. He recognized the role of zoning in nation-building. He added that even though he is not a proponent of zoning, he has come to accept and respect it. He mentioned the PDP as a party that has zoning enshrined in her party. He went further to add that at the expiration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure, power will come back to the south. This is even an individual that does not have zoning stipulations enshrined in the party’s constitution.

Is the party’s leadership in the state planning to jettison the party’s constitution? On what basis are they and all the acolytes and anti-zoning crusaders planning to impose their agenda? Maybe this is a vendetta conceived, planned, and nurtured by a selected few against the south.

Therefore, those thinking and acting otherwise should have a rethink. Those kicking against it should remember that the seed of discord planted today will not only affect them but their children and other generation unborn. We use this medium to call on the leadership of the PDP to do the needful as soon as possible to save the PDP from destroying itself.

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