NDA Attack: What Manner Of Lapse?

NDA Attack: What Manner Of Lapse?
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An unprecedented state of insecurity has kept many wondering if there is much left in the nation’s security architecture to tackle the situation. Nigeria is so far gone into the cesspool of insecurity that it holds the 146th position in the world peace index just after Lebanon, Mali and Turkey.

Disturbingly, we seem to be slipping furthermore into the throes of uncertainties, occasioned by death, panic, fear and chaos. One of the most recent incidents targeted the nation’s premier military institution, the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) by men best described as terrorists; where it was reported that two officers were killed and another senior officer abducted.


According to witnesses, the bandits came in large numbers unhindered and had some unfortunate soldiers take unplanned trip to the NDA hospital with gunshot wounds.

This act comes as a slap on the face of the Nigerian government, especially that the military and indeed the government have been upbeat that it has achieved so much in countering terrorism, banditry, kidnapping and the likes.

With this recent event, there is undivided opinion that this ought to elicit a fresh impetus for the authorities to handle these nefarious elements with an iron hand, suppressing them once and for all.

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The latest attack on the military facility tells how bad the situation has become as the fate of an ordinary civilian will have to hang in the balance if the terror elements could muster the audacity to attack such an elitist military facility.

With the audacious manner the attack took place; it suggests clearly that there was some laxity in the whole security gamut of the institution which would allow unfettered access of any intruder whether in guise of banditry or terrorism for that matter.

While we would not pre-empt the outcome of the investigations by the authorities, we are mindful to stress that some security lapses quickened this avoidable situation.

It was learnt that the sound of the gunfire by the bandits alerted troops of NDA Quick Response Team, which arrived at the scene, but was unable to rescue the kidnapped officer as the bandits had already gone.

According to a source, the school authorities will court-martial some soldiers for failing to secure the area in which the attackers had a field day. AljazirahNigeria takes exception to quick response that would not dig through the endemic and systemic factors that aided the attack. 

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Whatever is meted out to the personnel who were supposedly on duty, still does not fail to cover the fact that these outlaws exploited a weakness in a system that should be the state of the art. It is also worthy of note that the anonymous source revealed that the bandits came into the premises with military uniforms and that made them get in unnoticed.

We are also curious that the NDA campus affected is incidentally opposite the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, Afaka where 39 students were abducted by bandits on March 11, 2021. The bandits demanded N500 million a few days after the abduction.

But they were finally released after spending 50 days in the bandits’ den following the intervention of former President Olusegun Obasanjo and controversial Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi.

However, the Academy’s Public Relations Officer, Bashir Muhd Jajira in the attempt to put the dastardly situation rather calmly, to put the citizen’s mind at rest on the situation in a statement said: “The security architecture of the Nigerian Defence Academy was compromised early this morning by unknown gunmen who gained access into the residential area within the Academy in Afaka. During the unfortunate incident, we lost two personnel and one was abducted”.

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“The Academy, in collaboration with the 1Division Nigerian Army and Air Training Command as well as other security agencies in Kaduna State has since commenced pursuit of the unknown gunmen within the general area with a view to tracking them and rescues the abducted personnel”.

“The NDA community and Cadets are safe in the Academy. We assure the general public that these unknown gunmen would soon be apprehended and the abducted personnel rescued”.

AljazirahNigeria is deeply saddened by the deteriorating security situation across the country and urges the Federal Government to drop from its often bandied cliché – “we are on top of the situation”, to a more proactive and defensive approach that would assure Nigerians that they are actually in safe hands anywhere, anytime.