Nasarawa’s Good For Me In 2023 – Senator Ewuga

Nasarawa’s Good For Me In 2023 – Senator Ewuga

Senator Solomon Ewuga was a one time Deputy Governor of Nasarawa State and also a former State Minister of FCT, Abuja in this exclusive interview with our Nasarawa State correspondent David Christopher, he speaks on issues ranging from his determination to re contest the governorship seat of Nasarawa state in 2023, he clears air on the allegation as regards PDP crisis in the state,his score card for the APC ruling party in the state, the kind of president Nigerians want in 2023 amongst other issues.

As a critical stakeholder in the state, sentiments apart. What is your assessment of the present administration under Engineer Abdullahi Sule?

I will wish that it is a PDP administration. I don’t need go beyond you telling you my observations of the current administration .Am not in the position to judge,but I am in a position to say I want PDP to form government of Nasarawa State, because the simple truth is ,when you look at the fundamental structures of the creation of values in Nasarawa, which is the bases upon which Nasarawa State was founded ,you look at the legacies that the PDP left behind, the Nasarawa State University, Farin Ruwa project, creation of development areas,institutionalization of systems all these projects are supposed to indicate to you with the foundamentals of how the state is going to be organised that is why the PDP is the preferred political party for people of Nasarawa State.

With the different posture of PDP stakeholders couple with the way things seems to be bleak where up till now it appears nobody has open up his interest under PDP to take over government from APC in the state?

I will not agree with you on this issue, but for proper education it will interest you to know that in recently the party called us to a meeting in Lafia and when we met the party introduced the issue of whether or not we should support or go against zoning of the governorship and associated officers. The party could not zoned it if there are no candidates and it is not my duty to tell you who are the candidates. If I should reveal to you some if the issues we discussed in that meeting you will be able to know who will come up for governorship in PDP.

In a note shell, the public would want to know if you will re contest for the number one seat of Nasarawa state in coming election?

That is my constitutional legitimacy. When things is coming to that purview whether I will run in the said aspect or not the answer is that I can exercise my option at any time from now.

A lot of people from the state are looking up to you in this regard owing to the fact that they cherishes your style of politics and are in a hurry to know your intention. When will you voice out to them?

First and famorst,  I want to thank them for their kind words as regards them cherishing my political style. The issue of power is manage with conditioning. If you can manage it well from a minority position you can become a majority. What we need to do is to translate people wishes into tangible objectives that are executable and if that can be done then I can be able to run. I think this is where I am and we are getting there. We are just in January the primaries is going to be in July or August by February this year the picture will be clearer or in the next week or two. But as whether I want to run the answer is yes. I will want to run,but would the atmosphere create value for me to run is a matter of judgment. So,let me access it and that is why I said it is conditional and also to understand what the people are saying, if their voices are strong I will welcome it and I think this is where I am. It will be full hardy that after so many years of attempted interest I will now have come by the wayside and fail. This time it will not be a time for us to do trails again, but it is for me to go straight and come out successful.

In Nasarawa state, PDP in the in the past few years seems to be having factional leadership, what it is now on ground at the moment, being one of the founding fathers of PDP in the state?

I am not aware of anything as such,but there was disagreement on the way the state Congress was been conducted in the state,but right now we have been meeting geared towards self sanitization. So,if anybody says there is division then it is not to my knowledge. You all know that Nasarawa state is pep state, but was poorly managed. It is the management of capacity that makes us to be where we are today,but we believe that with proper management of our resources PDP will revert to it original formations. This is where we are.

Being a veteran politician in the country, what is new in your mind that you would like to educate electorates with as regards 2023 general elections?

Seriously, to have a strong presidency with a very clear directive as to how they want to manage the country to stabilize the difficulties we are facing through. And the difficulties are political, security and economy. Political in terms of the fact that this democracy need to be strengthen and it can only be strengthen by the willful involvement of the practitioners, the political parties are giving their positions are wielder with the opportunities that dispense towards been participation is proper organized, justifiable and fair. Security, this country is right now almost in a position of lawlessness because there is banditry everywhere. So if that is the case I need a strong president who will be categorically in the way he manages this issues that has be disallowing Nigerian citizens to go to where they want to go to. I think this is where my own trust of leadership is and my choice of leader would be best on strong credentials and capacity to be able to face things in a way that will give us a sense of direction right now because we seems to be fluting in the air. Thirdly, the economy aspect is very unstable. We most change our narratives from consumption to productions towards ensuring that these items we import are done locally. The more we localize production the high our capacity to trade the country with other nations and to stabilize our currency. As long as our currency is in a state of total disorganization things will never work and the country will never be stable. But we need strong leadership to enable one to say exactly what he want to say.

Talking about strong leadership come 2023 and already people are having different opinion as regards which region should be allowed to produce the next President. What is your take on this?

The issue of presidency in Nigeria is a political thing and like to see people playing politics not been entities to. First, if you create a sense of entitlement that is subject to been abused, but if you allow politics to play out the system will adjust into bringing someone that may held accountable. Our leadership most be in a state of accountability to enable one to show what he or she has done in the past to deserves what he want in future. The other part of the country are sleeping politically while the northern part are calculating politically. So the other part be involved abed leadership management. The south that need leadership most Al’s be ready to engage itself in deliberate processes that gives power. The former head and President of this country,Chief Olusegun Obasanjo had the credentials that was why he succeeded as a President and we want to see some like him to be come president in 2023.

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