NAIRA SCARCITY: Nwosu Berates Governors Over Feud With FG

NAIRA SCARCITY: Nwosu Berates Governors Over Feud With FG


Former Imo State Commissioner and Chief of staff, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu has flayed governors of the rulling party who challenged President Muhammadu Buhari and the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, over the Naira Redesign policy which according to him worsened the crisis

He added that the policy needed to be supported to succeed and not to be sabotaged.

While urging Nigerians to exercise patience with the government on difficulties experienced with the redesigned naira policy, he regreted the hardship being suffered by Nigerians

Nwosu made the statement while speaking to journalists on the state of the nation in Abuja.

He noted that the naira redesigned policy is one of the best policies, saying that Nigerians will enjoy it in future as it will go a long way in saving a lot of unnecessary spendings.

Nwosu further blamed the National Orientation Agency,( NOA) for not properly educating the masses on the benefits of the money swap.

He added that if Nigerians were properly sensitized before the naira redesigned policy,there won’t be difficulties in accepting it.

In many societies we have cashless policies, when we say cashless it does not mean you will not have any cash but what it means it that the number of cash in circulation will reduce . The problem with this policy is the National Orientation Agency ( NOA). When this policy was made ,the NOA through the Ministry of Information was supposed to have properly educate Nigerians on the policy.

The policy is a very good one. The president have done well in bringing this policy. No politician or leader in his right senses will like to bring a policy that will make his people to suffer. The problem here is that the agencies that are supposed to sensitize the people on the importance of this policy are not doing it,he said.

Speaking on the general elections ,he urged Nigerians to vote according to their conscience adding that no one should be forced to vote against his wish.

“I think when it comes to the issues of elections and someone who you want to represent you,it is a thing of the mind.It is all about knowing what is good for you. Actually democracy is the thing of decision. No one should be forced against his wish.

We have had in series of places where both the young and old ones have failed. Allow your conscience to access those running for the elections and choose who you think is capable to bring the change we are all aspiring for. Age should not be the main factor in chosing a leader.he said.

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