Muhammed Garba Gololo And The Sanctity Of Promise

Muhammed Garba Gololo And The Sanctity Of Promise

Sanusi Muhammad

It was Alex Malley who said what is needed from strategic leaders is the confidence that their ability and relevance are nearly impossible to compete with, not only in the leadership positions, but in politics and governance as well.

It is Malley’s conviction that determined politicians can make an appreciable impact in providing creative and purposeful political leadership.

Yet, seldom do committed persons step out to be the public voice, to seize the mantle of ultimate decision making responsibility, all of which perpetuates the common misconception that all politicians are deceivers and liars.

In Bauchi state, a patriot and committed servant stepped out into the public space to accede to Malley’s clarion call to move over to the political sphere.  

Few months after Hon. Muhammed Garba Gololo took the official oath of office as elected member from Gamawa federal constituency in 2015, a lot started to authenticate Malley’s perspective that patriots from other disciplines have much to offer in the political arena.

Various leaders make lasting impression on their admirers through diverse means.

Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr and Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler, Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro, Thomas Sankara, Abubakar T/Balewa, etc created respectable spaces in the minds of their followers through their oratory prowess.

Other leaders earned public respect through the strength and depth of their principles and convictions.

In his style of representation, one item that has become quite steady is his penchant for even distribution of palliatives and constituency projects through probity, transparency and keeping to his word. In this clime, a good number of political leaders make promises they fail to honor while in office.

During electioneering campaign, the typical Nigerian politician could make a thousand and one pledges to the electorates. Upon assumption of office, the story dramatically changes.

Several years of vague and empty promises have, thus, made Nigerians not to actually expect much from their leaders. It is however, in keeping faith with his electoral promises that Hon. Muhammed has become quite different from most contemporary Nigerian politicians. To him, a leader’s words should remain his bound.

At his inauguration speech in the hallow chamber of the National Assembly, he pledged to give representation that will leave no one behind; a representation that will make life simpler, easier and happier for the people.

In fulfillment of that promise, he has ensured even allocation of infrastructure across the federal constituency that attracted him envy and hatred.

In a bid to ensure effective human and vehicular movement, he embarked on the rehabilitation of dilapidated roads, providing steady portable water, healthcare, security, qualitative education, fertilizers, economic empowerment etc.

It is however, imperative to emphasize that the exercise covers the entire constituency. This is essential because it underscores his pledge to run an all inclusive leadership.

In the area of youth empowerment, he created a favorable atmosphere to achieve that feat. He put in place the necessary structure to encourage creativity and exhibition of talents for possible realization of dreams.

Similarly, in fulfillment of his promise to make Gamawa Federal Constituency a sure and first destination of choice to investors in the Northeast, Gololo had started putting the required structures on the ground for ease of investment.

The intention is to later make Gamawa as the North-East’s Model Megacity and National Economic and Financial Hub that is safe, secure, functional and super productive in agricultural produce and livestock.

He is equally making good his promise of ensuring equal distribution of his scholarship to indigent students and economic empowerment. For instance, in just three years, 2015-2018, he renovated/rehabilitated over 180 hand pumps within 18 electoral wards of his constituency as well as the construction of three brand new solar-powered boreholes at Wabuyel, Mainari and Garin Bula communities while in Gamawa and Gololo communities, he constructed two similar solar-powered boreholes with overhead tanks and complete reticulation to ease access to clean water supply.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. It is beyond public debate that he inherited a myriad of problems from his predecessor, which he started addressing with dexterity and passion.

To the benefitting communities, it was a welcome development but to Muhammed, it was only a way of fulfilling his campaign promise of creating a conducive, atmosphere for all to enjoy and discharge their statutory responsibilities to their families with less stress.

In our climes, there is, indeed, no better way to motivate the people than addressing their welfare challenges since it makes them avoid distractions that emanate from financial worries.

Hon. Muhammed’s gesture, which is the basic practice in most progressing climes, originates from his firm belief that his constituents are those that determine the pace of development in the constituency and as such must not be denied qualitative representation which is, indeed, one of their core entitlements.

It is however, not only his constituents that are benefitting from his stewardship of improving welfare, those in need, are also not left out in the welfare package and other mouth-watering incentives doles out periodically.

The development forms part of his promise to touch lives and support humanity to good and sustainable living.   

At any rate, If, Muhammed’s plans eventually succeed, it will go a long way in ameliorating the hardship threatening his constituency, verified disengaged public and political office holders and their dependants as well as improve their living standards.   

In contrast to Napoleon Bonaparte, who once said, “the best way to keep one’s word is not to give it”, in his four years in the National Assembly, Hon. Muhammed Garba Gololo had not only given his word, but he kept same.

Without fear or doubt, Gamawa Federal Constituency was in safe hands with a leader who resisted intimidation, temptations, threats and frustration while piloting parliamentary affairs with a promise to navigate the Federal Constituency from troubled waters to safe coast within the next four years which he did and still doing in private capacity of an illustrious son.

As most of the people shout praises of joy, those left behind in blind opposition are now moving closer to the Ark of Noah for their personal safety and that of the constituency with Hon. Muhammed Garba Gololo in the cockpit.

It is just a matter of time for Gamawa to bounce back to prominence to continue the rescue mission he kick-started.   

Muhammad is a commentator on national issues

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