Lupita Nyong’o Features In Allure Magazine’s March Issue

Lupita Nyong’o Features In Allure Magazine’s March Issue

Lupita Nyong’o, Its our favourite Wakanda Beauty together with her hair stylist Vernon Francois created different looks for Allure magazine’s March issue where she talks about hair and beauty.

In her statement she talks about her view of herself and her black features while growing up, she mentions not liking her short kinky hair and how much she wanted it relaxed. When she eventually did get it relaxed, she realized it was going to cost more to keep it permed and in good shape and that was when she decided to cut it all off and go bald. She started to grow it again though after a while.

Also, she had this to say about the texture and growth of the product her stylist use on her hair;

“Fortunately for me, Vernon has his own line, so that’s very, very helpful. I cannot live without his Pure-Fro Moisture Spray ($26) — [it] adds moisture to my hair, which loosens the curl — or his Scalp Nourishment Braids and Locs Spray ($24). Also he has this Mist-Nourishing Water ($18). One thing I’ve learned was the acronym LOC, and that’s basically the rule for how to treat my hair: liquid, oil, and then cream. It’s the idea that you wet your hair first, then you add oil so that it can trap the moisture in, then you put a moisturizer or a cream over it. And also shea butter, natural shea butter — no perfumes, no bleaches — which doesn’t smell great at all, but it does wonders to my hair.”

For  the issue they created two looks, one was a Fulani braided hairdo, complete with transparent beads.

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