Kuje Prison Attack: We Have Failed, No One Is Safe In Nigeria – APC Chieftain, Gololo

Kuje Prison Attack: We Have Failed, No One Is Safe In Nigeria – APC Chieftain, Gololo

By Abdul Lateef Bamgbose

The twin attack on the Kuje Correctional Centre and the President Muhammadu Buhari’s convoy in Dustima, Katsina state is an indication that the federal government fight against insurgence and terrorists in Nigeria has failed, an All Progressive Congress, APC Chieftain, Gaurus Gololo had said.

Gololo stated this in an interview with newsmen in Abuja, over the weekend saying that “No one is safe anywhere in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), we are likely to witness upsurge in crime and soft target within FCT and environs as numbers of the Kuje inmates released by the terrorists are still within.

“There is already a precedence, when the Correctional Centre was attacked in Edo,  Owerri,  Ondo and Kogi states, most of the inmates went back to the street, snatching cars, kidnapping and abducting travelers.

“Where were the security agents, why did they not foresee it and take a preemptive steps, why are they not proactive? It is unfortunate that security has been reduced to the protections of VIPs blaring sirens on the streets and deploying thousands of them for elections.

Gololo asked what happened to the trillions of Naira the various security agents have received over the years. “They attacked one, two, three prisons and we are just watching, if you watch since they attacked Owerri Prison, Anambra and Imo states have not known peace, they freed them and they went back to their crimes”.

Continued, Gololo said that “If the report of attack along the villages have not been taken serious, with the attack on his convoy, he has no reason not to believe, they attacked Niger killing a major and a captain, that is a company Commander, with a 100 and 30 men, a captain is a second in command or a platoon commander, then the major is an Officer in Charles of a Company, in  artillery they called them battalion Commander, if such attack is launched on the military and the Chief of Army Staff is sitting in Owerri attending what he called Army Day Celebration, then it means we don’t know what we are doing.

“I saw him addressing the press, while they are busy killing officers. If you are travelling from Nigeria to Niger Republic, from Katsina to Magama, villagers have abandoned their villages, but if you cross the border to Niger, you now see people living their normal lives.

“Our country is not safe, the President has to address the nation, not Garba Shehu. With the attack on the convoy, what is the fate of the ordinary man?

I am card-carrying member of the APC, but I cannot keep quite any longer”

“I even saw a group from the North calling on the Chief of Defence Staff, General Lucky Irabor to resign. How can he resign? For what, to where? Shame on the entire North, you have Chief of Army Staff from the North, Chief of Naval Staff from the North, DG DSS from the North, Commandant of Prisons from the North, Inspector General of Police from the North, CG Immigrations from the North, the Minister of Defence is from the North and they cannot protect their own, you are now calling on Irabor to resign, for what?”

Gololo regretted that the outcry that resulted in the change of the service chiefs has not yielded any positive change.

“We saw people calling for the removal of Service Chiefs, since the appointment of the current service chief nothing positive has change. There is an increment in attack on even military formations.

“Before the appointment of the current service chiefs, the former Chief of Air Staff, Air vice Marshal Sadiq Abubakar, was leading the operations, the Chief of Army Staff who died was leading the operations, but this present ones are there in their comfort zones addressing the press, while soldiers are being killed”.

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