Kidnapping, Banditry Not Federal Offenses: Nigerians Speaks

Kidnapping, Banditry Not Federal Offenses: Nigerians Speaks

Following a recent statement credited to the Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Alh. Lai Mohammed that kidnapping and banditry are not federal offenses, following the security threat of an imminent attack by Boko Haram in Abuja. AljazirahÑigeria’s Wisdom Onyeisi and Salome Unwuchola went round the city of Abuja to sample the opinion of Nigerians.

Adim Ikpe

Mr. Lai Mohammed will always come out to defend nonsense. If this government had placed a working structure that would help regulate everything in the country, would the issue of kidnapping and Banditry rise to this level where almost everyone in the country is in danger? Federal government may not have committed the offense but they made a way for those who are committing the offense. They should wait for them; gradually they will also partake from it if the government refuses to do what they should do to wipe off those miscreants.

Nelson Adejiri

What is he talking about? Instead of him to agree that this baseless government has failed Nigerians he is defending rubbish. Look, we know that this government has nothing to offer, no strategy, no planning, not even a foresight. Who is asking him if it’s their offense? What Nigerians need them to do is to solve the challenge at hand. Banditry and kidnapping is increasing every day and all they do is to pretend like they have not heard about it. This government is the worst government. When a government has deliberately decided to make things hard for the subjects, what do you expect them to do in order to survive? They have turned Nigeria upside down and he is defending the federal government. We can’t continue like this, it is either they work or they leave the office for competent people.

Yusuf Ibrahim

If a leader who should take up responsibility is coming out to say this, it’s clear that the Federal Government has totally lost the capacity to handle the affairs of this nation. If it is not the offense of the Federal Government, what have they done to stop it? The primary duty of the government is to protect lives and property. There is nothing to show that they are doing anything to stop kidnapping and Banditry. The painful thing there is that some of these government leaders are strong sponsors of these Bandits and terrorist groups. If those who should stop evil are the ones planting evil, how can the country move forward? All they know is to talk and embezzle money.

Elvis Tamuno

Since they have failed to tackle it, it means they have a hand in it. This government has totally destabilized Nigeria. So what he is saying is that hence it is not a federal government offense, they will continue to watch the lives and properties of Nigerians in jeopardy. Any good government takes blame and Shoulders responsibility. They should stop talking and start acting. Nobody cares if it is their offense or not. What we want to see is that Banditry and kidnapping activity is totally stopped in the country.

Catherine Efe

Nigerians are not asking him if it is the federal government offense or not. Nigerians want the federal government to do what they are meant to do by taking actions. It will be an offense to the people if they fail to protect lives and property. If they protect themselves with heavy security, leaving their subjects to die in the hands of herdsmen, kidnappers, and Boko Haram groups, then they should know that the people will devise a means of protecting their lives. With this statement it reveals that the government is incapacitated.

Oluwaseun Adeniji

A government that cannot protect lives and property has committed offense. If a leader is coming to say kidnapping and Banditry is not a federal government offense, then he is indirectly saying the government has no plan to stop it. Why will Nigerian leaders play politics with the lives of people they are charged to serve and protect? It is really heartbreaking because Nigeria has been totally reduced and completely damaged by these leaders. At this point, all Nigerians want is to have peace and move around without putting their lives in danger. The Federal Government should do something about it and stop unnecessary talk.

Isong Etim

Sometimes these people indirectly tell Nigerians that they are very confused and many Nigerians refuse to look into their statement deeply. I think if he says it is not a Federal Government offense, then he is saying the federal government cannot tackle or do anything about it.  It shows how confused they are. I have never seen a government like this in the entire world. This government is the worst thing that has happened to Nigeria. A government is regarded by their ability to handle and direct the affairs of the people. No good government puts blame on their subjects; rather they try to find out the reason for such a kind of attitude among the people.

Sheba Ajah

A government that has made Life hard and unbearable for her citizens has committed offense. If as a government they are working on structure and system on how to improve the lives of Nigerian, there will be no increase in crime like kidnapping and Banditry. When a government fails to do what they are supposed to do, it’s an offense because that is the reason they were voted in. They should start playing their roles and see things change in Nigeria. Many Nigerians are very hungry; some of them could do anything just to survive because of hardship in the country. They should start working on how they can improve lives and protect property. Banditry and kidnapping will become a thing of the past.

 Uchenna Ozor

Mr. Lai Mohammed has never said anything meaningful. Many of these leaders don’t think before they talk. A government that has collapsed the economy of a whole nation has committed a huge offense. It was because of the hardship they inflicted on the people that has given rise to kidnapping and Banditry in the country. People have reasons for their actions. The Federal Government has disappointed Nigerians, which is a big offense if you ask me. They should sit down and set up plans and structure that will help Nigeria not come out to talk too much and defend their incapability.

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