Kanu, Igboho, Bandits, Others In The Mix

Kanu, Igboho, Bandits, Others In The Mix
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Prominent among the agitators for self-actualization within the ethnic groups in Nigeria  are  Nnamdi Kanu (South East), Sunday Adeyemo alias Igboho, (South West) and the Boko Haram group led by so-called inscrutable entities. These have attracted a lot of media attention in recent times and this is understandable.

Besides these, the issue of insecurity occasioned by kidnapping, banditry, herdsmen attacks and sundry vices have been unrelenting in the polity. It is therefore disturbing that the nation is plagued by these number of concerns in one moment.

Disturbingly, the arrowhead of the proscribed Independent Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Mr. Nnamdi Kalu has been on the run after jumping bail for alleged seditious offences against the state.


From his itinerant bases abroad, he was believed to be directing the affairs of the group which has one unique and overriding project- the secession of the south eastern part of Nigeria. His movement around parts of Europe among others made it a herculean task to track him until his recent arrest and consequent arraignment in court.

Kanu who has become synonymous with the agitation for a Biafran nation carved from present day Nigeria with his army of lieutenants and followers have been a torn in the flesh of the authorities in recent times.   

Of recent, the front pages of newspapers have been inundated with reports of fierce battle in parts of the south east where devotees of the Kalu cause engaged security agencies in contests of supremacy as many government establishments were pulled down, torched or desecrated by the separatist group. These conflagrations were exacerbated by the unyielding stance of the agitators who were believed to be mainly youths recruited by the IPOB to press its demand for a state of Biafra, exploring confrontational disposition. With the sustained carnage allegedly perpetrated by IPOB, the security agencies have been responding with equal ferocity, thus leading to avoidable casualties. 

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It could be noted with some level of appropriateness that of all the groups alleged to be currently threatening Nigeria, none appears to be causing more concern to the present administration as the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), a radical breakaway faction of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) – an openly secessionist movement with aim is to “actualize the independent state of Biafra” in the mainly Igbo-speaking south-east region. Both groups are purportedly on the proscription list of the government.

Kalu who has often insisted on a sustained armed conflict to actualize the dream of a sovereign state of Biafra has in many released videos remained resolute on his convictions and strategies to achieve the goal at all cost. His long-held posture has pitched him against the authorities who had arraigned in Court for alleged treason and related offences for which he was later to jump bail. His bailers were believed to have paid a whopping N300 million at that time after he fled the country, to satisfy the conditions for which he was then released.

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Now, with the return of Kalu concerns have been raised on the need for the government to be circumspect in handling his case to conform with established legal processes where his fundamental rights are freely given even after he has been pronounced guilty of any of the offences for which he is now being tried.

Similarly, Igboho has been vehement on leading the South West to a fresh start of a new nation- the Oduduwa Republic. His residence was raided recently with so many sophisticated weapons allegedly seized therefrom. Igboho was believed to have escaped the raid but some of his followers were not too lucky as they were arrested in the raid.

There are also the critics who see the serial and sustained abductions, kidnappings for ransom, political assassinations, banditry among other vices ruining the polity, the government has faced just one aspect of its many challenges with such intensity, stressing that if it could handle these other challenges with similar decisiveness, the nation would have been better for it.

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We however counsel that rather than concentrate all efforts against IPOB and agitators across the nation, the ravaging insurgency in the north west, middle belt and indeed the Boko Haram insurgency all which have been threatening the nation’s corporate cohesion must also be given a dead blow in order to restore sanity across board.

We are wary that the escalation of crises in these regions if not truncated with all the vehemence, the aftermath may snowball into another unprecedented food crises as agricultural activities have been grossly disrupted in these hitherto well-established food belts of the nation.  The government should be decisive, design and promulgate policies to arrest the deterioration of security in our food haven rather than win the war on the pages of newspapers and talk shows in the media.

The authorities must be unbiased in its prosecution of the alleged culprits against the state and allow due judicial process to take its course outside any undue interference.


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