Kaduna 2023: Five Reasons Why History Beckons On Uba Sani

Kaduna 2023: Five Reasons Why History Beckons On Uba Sani

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant” —Max DePree


Those very familiar with Senator Uba Sani’s history of civil society and political activism would readily admit that his surprise element is simply unmistakable. This became even more glaring with his foray into politics, years later, when the nation’s military was successfully confined to the barracks. That was the memorable moment when icons like the late Gani Fawehinmi ( SAN) t worked hand-in-hand with other tough-as-teak troikas, against dictatorship.

While serving as Special Assistant on Public Affairs to former Nigeria’s President – Olusegun Obasanjo – this civil rights activist has proved his mettle as spokesman of the number one citizen of Nigeria. He addressed policy issues, while interacting with the media and became the rallying point of clarification on thorny issues of the then Federal Government. He be strode that office like a colossus. It was at this point that he horned his skills as public servant, and an efficient manager of men and resources. It was then he built enormous social and political goodwill, which extended beyond Abuja, to his homestate of Kaduna. Today, this goodwill has been resonating across the length and breadth of the former North-central State. And, that is one reason why he is favored by history, in the 2023 race to Kaduna Government House, otherwise known as Sir Kashim House.

The second important factor in favor of Senator Uba Sani as the fireworks for 2023 governorship battle commenced, was how he swept the polls in the just-concluded APC primary elections. That victory was a clear signal that the public acceptability he has been enjoying since his civil society activism days is not just there but now in quantum leap.

The third all-important reason for being in the good books of Kaduna people for decades is the lawmaker’s legendary generosity. When privileged ones in our society dodge the orphans, widows and their troubled life, he would be there for them, with a rare sense of compassion. He has the reputation of running a one-man squad against poverty and unemployment. Many a Kaduna voter, at the mere mention of the Senator’s name will remember one or two things done to ease their pain, at the point they would have felt abandoned their own devices. In the fight against poverty in Kaduna today, if Uba Sani’s name didn’t come first, it won’t go below the second. The tirelessness with which he has been doing these economic and financial salvation efforts explains why he is favored by history as the next occupant of Sir Kashim House in 2023.

What many would consider a third reason why Uba Sani is in the good books of Kaduna voters is his passion for integrating the children of the poor into the struggle for life’s opportunities for growth and self-fulifillment, even economic self-reliance. He is giving the children of the poor unfettered access to education, with special scholarship offers. This has made it possible for the children of the poor to compete favorably with those of the wealthy ones in the access to education. It should not be difficult to see the impact this multimillion naira Uba Sani intervention in education will make in today’s knowledge-driven world. The parents of poor, indigent children would live to remember him as a messiah of sorts.

The fourth issue of consideration, in my mind’s eye is the lawmaker’s advocacy on strategies of dealing with the current insecurity in Nigeria in general and Kaduna Sate in particular. He has initiated bills, moved several motions on arms control, granted media interviews and voluntarily offered useful suggestions (often unexplored options) on how to address banditry and kidnapping in society. Beyond that, he has gone a notch further to help with millions of naira worth of food items, clothes and cash to victims of banditry. Some of these victims have had their medical bills fully paid by him, in the aftermath of these series of attacks. He has donated many vehicles to vigilante groups, including the security teams watching over the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps.

The fifth reason why Uba Sani is seen as the inevitable successor of incumbent Governor Nasir Elrufai is his unalloyed loyalty, capability and ability following in the footsteps of his political associate and mentor. His campaign slogan of “Continuity and Consolidation” is evidently an indication to continue from where Governor Elrufai has stopped – cutting down the cost of governance, shift of emphasis from recurrent expenditure to capital expenditure; promoting competence and professionalism in the state civil service; massive boost in internally-generated revenue; injecting fresh blood into governance; widening the political space for women’s active participation and supporting creativity. It is obvious that no one but Senator Uba Sani has the deepest understanding of Elrufai’s reformist approach to governance
Significantly, none of the current crop of politicians eyeing Elrufa’i’s seat in 2023 has done even half of what Uba Sani did to the life of poor people in Kaduna State. This is moreso because he has been doing so since his days as Political Adviser to the Governor of Kaduna State, with the thousands of jobs he secured for unemployed ones, from the post-primary certificate holders to university graduates. As Senator, he has secured millions of naira worth of financial support for small scale and medium enterprises in Kaduna, nay Northern Nigeria, a feat that has made him unbeatable, down to today.

Clearly, he has been ahead of all his 2023 rivals in socio-economic empowerment via opening multiple window of opportunities that changed the battered lives of the less-privileged in our midst. This explains why those who joined the governorship race in the last few months appear to be strangers to Kaduna voters at the moment.

It is undeniable that Senator Uba Sani has made such an impact as elected representative and as a politician that it would take years before his match is found between now and the runup to the 2023 general elections.

Dambatta, a veteran journalist wrote from Kaduna

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