IPOB And Ban On National Anthem

IPOB And Ban On National Anthem
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With the recent pronouncement by the Independent People of Biafra, IPOB, that schools’ in the South East Nigeria should henceforth enforce its order stopping pupils from reciting the National Anthem, it became ominous that the proscribed group was already warming for a fresh round of contention with the Federal Government.


IPOB’s spokesman in a statement issued recently, Emma Powerful was quoted as saying the ban was imperative if the South-east must achieve its freedom. There have been concerns earlier that the proscribed separatist group banned the recitation of the national anthem in the South-east and instructed schools’ authorities to enforce the recitation of “the Biafran national anthem”.


In a rather forceful push, the group was said to have created a department named ‘IPOB Education Department’ to teach Biafran “history, language, tradition and culture to our children”.

“Our achievement in the struggle for Biafra restoration will marvel many traitors because IPOB will soon showcase our achievements so far. We have accomplished so much since this fight for our freedom started, and we give the credit to the Almighty God in heaven who has ordained the restoration of Biafra”, the statement reads.

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“Again, concerning reciting Nigeria national anthem in our schools, we want every school to start reading Biafra national anthem and soon every school will receive a copy of Biafra national anthem because Biafra is coming and nothing will stop it and May 30 every year will be celebrating independence anniversary and nothing will stop that, Biafrans must oblige to this order for our freedom. Any school found wanting or disobeying this order will regret their actions”.

“Our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu must be released. Nigeria cannot be releasing bandits and terrorists but keep freedom-seekers behind bars perpetually; it’s an error! “We are also warning traitors to stay off our territory because it won’t be easy for them this time because 2022 will be “hunt down” year for them”.

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The above statements were the brazen braggadocio of the group whose legitimacy is still not totally embraced by its supposed catchment area made up of five states of Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo. In these states in which IPOB claims legitimacy, it is doubtful if its relevance is unalloyed. Equally, there are concerns in some quarters within these States that the group’s claims are fraught with unreasonable and unworkable agendas.

While the clamour for self-agitation is allowed within acceptable context of international standards, uncoordinated, violent extremism cannot reside in the matrix of any legitimate struggle for any separatist move.

It is disheartening that hundreds of lives have continued to be wasted in the crossfire between these various groups fighting for one cause or the other. Coercive and combative approaches to achieving any motive, no matter how germane the cause; undoubtedly would attract unnecessary human casualty. There must be sacrifices no doubt but it should not be on the platter of careless approach to the general cause.

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Arms struggle and recourse to violence is only necessary as a last resort when all available avenues to peaceful resolutions have been exhausted.

We are wondering why the IPOB hierarchy has become unbridled in their approach to issues at this time. It is rather preposterous that it is asking for the release of its leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in one breath and in another escalating tension by its provoking dictates including a ‘sit-at-home order’ which enforcement has consumed not a few of the same people which it intends to ‘liberate’.

AljazirahNigeria urges the leaders of the IPOB agenda to be circumspect in executing the struggle by mitigating any move that could lead to unnecessary violence and bloodshed.


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