Internal Democracy Faulting Our Primaries

Internal Democracy Faulting Our Primaries

Within the ambits of true democracy, the tenets are well spelt out. The rule of law subsists and makes the beauty of a system that has long eluded most of Africa.

In 20 years, Nigeria’s democratic experience has not been any different from most of Africa, that has been bedeviled, lived by incessant interferences by over ambitious individuals who have given democracy a bad name. In gibberish fashion, many Nigerian politicians have lost their sense of reason and returning to their past by defecting to their once glorified platforms irrespective of their earlier affiliations.

Democracy by its very nature accommodates all but only segregates in terms of those who would not conform to its very impeccable attitude.  Its character is subtle, smooth, but distinct. It must tally with what is universally acceptable as the norm.

It is within this altitude that we juxtapose the current primaries across the political parties which have been anything but democratic. In virtually all the parties , except the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the All Progressives Congress, APC, the other near docile parties numbering close to 90 are still not any factor to reckon with in the political equation of the polity that has been long polarised along ethnic and religious lines.

When the political parties called for their primaries, not a few reasoned that the exercise was only being masterminded to give a semblance of a strict, formal engagement but all that façade turned out an outward appearance, just aimed at a make-believe that would only replicate the indolence of past governments.

The major political parties as earlier enunciated are just ordinarily sesame twins. They are basically inseparable and this is just in their nomenclature.

We are perturbed that after almost 20 years of our unbroken democracy, a feat worth celebrating by all, we are yet confronted by a litany of woes that may yet remain the bane of our ‘nascent democracy’.

It is appalling that we are dealing with a democracy that has failed peopl on which plank the essence of the system prides. It is even more preposterous when the leading figures keep recycling themselves in various garbs and ensuring that they perpetuate themselves in office.

AljazirahNigeria is not particularly averse to any individual who has become the favourite of his constituents who must be returned at their insistence, but we urge that all whose tenures have expired, given the will of the people, should not be seen to morgue up a position contrary to their will.

Many political parties have foisted candidates on their people against their will.  Our democratic experience has given us so much in history and we must rely on same to navigate a fresh democratic norm.

Reports show that there are unprintable outcomes coming from all the parties, thus signaling a fresh consciousness around the citizenry.

We are concerned that the cross-partners who are not strange bed-fellows to the others who have been dinning long together before they split are only hoodwinking the people who should quickly think out of the box by voting candidates rather than partiers who have essentially done the same, given that all participants are only crisscrossing from one platform to the other.

PDP, APC, NDPC, NCP, and others are only different  by nomenclature not by their acronyms, as they would remain governed by the same personalities that have long dominated the polity.

We call on the government to expand its scope on political association and inclusiveness that would make the polity a better environment for all.

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