Insecurity Should Not Truncate Elections

Insecurity Should Not Truncate Elections

Increasingly, Nigerians have continued to express deep concern and apprehension over the growing insecurity in Nigeria, which is being heightened by the current bandits and terrorist activities across the country.

There have been various calls on all Nigerians to collaborate with the government and security agencies to end the security crises in the country.

In recent days there has been an escalation of acts of banditry and terrorist attacks with new targets bringing to the fore a new dimension and operational shift of attacks on security operatives, clergymen and government institutions/facilities including airports and railways.

Understandably, this has raised a new level of anxiety and panic among Nigerians given the new wave of boldness and violence perpetrated by the criminals, especially ahead of the general election.

AljazirahNigeria expresses deep concern that the growing insecurity spreading across Nigeria not only portends grave danger to the peaceful coexistence of Nigerians and the stability of the country but also to the entire ECOWAS sub-region even as the general elections are counting down.

We call on the Federal Government to be firm and have the courage, political will to prosecute any political office holder indicted as a supporter or accomplice to the bandits and insurgents

We align our thoughts with stakeholders who believe that the government must take the necessary steps in a rapid improvement in the coordination of security for the protection of civilians, including seeking international support for such protection to be effected in a timely manner.

The institutions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the mandate to promote peace and security should take the lead in the design of dialogue and joint problem-solving approaches that should engage various levels of ethnic leaderships and groups in the country.

Our concerns are underscored by recent reports of the burning to death in the most heinous manner of a Catholic priest in Niger and yet other attack in Katsina and Zamfara States, needless to say, that these incessant terrorist attacks have become one to many, even though the Federal Government has stayed adamant in its insistence that it has won the war against insecurity.

The shift towards soft targets of attacks by the bandits and Boko Haram sect, especially on innocent travellers is reinforcing the deepening fear and worries about the capacity of the security operatives and the Nigerian state to effectively protect citizens and non-citizens.

The seeming vulnerability or inability of arresting the growing banditry and terrorist operations with an apparent sense of helplessness in view of claims that the groups have supporters who have infiltrated the government and the security architecture calls for much worry.

There have been reports in some quarters of the media of the mass movement of southerners out of the North and northerners from the South ahead of the 2023 elections which is a demonstration of a very sad increasing divide between the southern and northern regions of Nigeria.

We must not forget to keep commending the heroic efforts of our security agencies and the government as a whole. However, until the war is finally won and Nigerians could confidently go to bed with both eyes closed, we will stay on the course of concerted calls for improved security engagement especially around soft targets who are mostly defenseless in the face of these prowling marauders, and who continue to make the narrative tilt towards the sustenance of insecurity, thereby giving the terrorist a moral boost to keep up with their nefarious dealings.  

AljazirahNigeria urges need to beef up security around persons and places that come under the categorisation as soft targets such as schools, churches, mosques, public facilities, school children, farming communities in rural areas and clergymen. This will help to bring the incidences of attacks to become nonexistent or to its barest minimum at best as the government has made efforts to see that large scale cases of insecurity against hard targets have ceased.     

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