Insecurity: I Wouldn’t Call For Sack Of Service Chiefs – Sen Kaita

Insecurity: I Wouldn’t Call For Sack Of Service Chiefs – Sen Kaita
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Senator Babba Ahmad Kaita representing Katsina North Senatorial District  has raised the dust in the upper legislative chamber calling for the auditing of funds release for the security in north east, in an interview with Abdul Lateef Taiwo, he speaks on why it is a challenge for the senate to oversight the military.

Your contributions on the floor of the senate on the auditing of the funds released for the military  on the fight against Boko Haram insurgence has raised  more concerns  on the request for more funding by the  Senate Committee on lack of equipment  to end the killing in the North east.

The military is doing its best but now they are only restricted to Borno and Yobe State, while  we appreciate the effort of Government and the  fact that the  Federal Government has done very well,  we feel the effort of the president should translate into safety for all Nigerians, yes the Committee on Army is asking for more funding , we are funding them , the president is working hard to ensure Nigerians live in peace , but somehow, somewherewhen the money gets to this people something doesn’t seems to be done  the way it should be done .

So it is not about the Federal Government, the Government is doing very well, but then our good is not enough that is why we are calling on Mr. President to look inward, re assess the operations in North East and other part of the Country , in other words word we are saying the involvement of the military and the police in the North west and North Central where we have this incessant kidnapping , banditry,  killing , cattle rustling , farmers and Herdsmen clashes  need to be reassessed , anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Less charitable critics and  Nigerians are divided on the  achievement of the entire military in the fight against Boko Haram, because the President on assumption of office promised to end the insecurity in the North and Nigeria, particularly, the Boko Haram terrorists within six months, are we likely to see the end of the killings in Nigeria?

I believe just like he promised before his handover in 2023 that he must have finish with Boko Haram, but then even if that is the true, before that time we want to see an improvement in the security in Nigeria. The world over.

The Senate has also joined the House of Representatives and other Nigerians in calling for the sack of the Service Chiefs, what is your take on this?

I wouldn’t call for the sack of the service Chiefs; that is not my concern. My concern is that I truly know the president I am working for, his genuineness and his sincerity  in trying to ensure that Nigerians live in peace. But if he is doing that at his own end then his lieutenants  should be able to complement his efforts more than that to deliver on his intention. Where they are not performing, the President deserves the right to remove them, but  we should also beware on how we look at the entire  issues.

Security matter is a very intriguing things. We also have security analysts on the street who know nothing about security, but are analyzing the security. The president has access to more intelligence information that are not available to many Nigerians, which many Nigerians and the street analyst may not have access to, but I agreed with one thing; if we tried  option A and it is not working , we tried option B. If it is not working then naturally as human we will try option C.

That is why many Nigerians including me are calling for, it doesn’t matter who are in charge of the military operations, that is not my concern . My concerned is to ensure that no Nigerians is killed while trying to eke a living  in his farm. My concern is let nobody get kidnapped in Katsina State  where the military and the police appeared helpless. They are the ones even arranging and negotiating for the payment of ransoms. This is worrisome and this is what is of concern to me.

What is your take on the suggestions that the Federal Government should seek the collaborations of mercenaries and Niegbouring countries?

You are talking of two things here; the mercenary issue is a different thing and the collaborations with neigbouring forces is another thing.  Mr. President has done so well in galvanizing the support of our neigbours  far beyond any other leader in this country in the fight against Boko Haram. That is good, and we want it sustained, but the issue of mercenaries for me honestly I don’t  have any objections. Anything that will bring peace to Nigeria is what I craved for.

So be it deploying mercenaries, recruiting more civilian JTF, collaborating with our neigbours  all hand must be on desk to make sure that Nigeria is secured. Because if we allowed this things to continued it will consumed every Nigerian, by the way it  is the responsibility of any Government to secure life and property and that is why we are in Government and that is the first thing in our Constitution and that should concern all of us , it has nothing to do with politics or religion.

Beyond the call for the auditing of the funds released to the security agencies, do yo think the Senate Committee on Army has performed its oversight functions well before calling for more funding?

I am not in that Committee and I know  as National Assembly we are supposed to carry out oversights, but like I said, I cannot speak for the Committee. The issue of oversight is a complex affairs especially when it involves the military, because you may recall Senator Ali Ndume was there in the Chamber when the motion was brought  and he was trying to bring his experience as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Army whose responsibility is to oversight the military and how to get to the various field where they have this operations.

So it is really challenging and it is the same military who will clear you before you go for oversight especially in the frontline. You cannot risk going to the front line without their clearance. If they told you not to come, you have to wait until they said come. So even to oversight the military there are challenges and those challenges are genuine.


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