The recent days have not been a good one for Nigeria based on the rising insecurity in our land. My heart goes out to our military men that defend our sovereignty despite lack of sophisticated equipment, ammunitions importantly adequate welfare to confront terrorists and other non state actors taking away the peace of the nation.

I paused the series on ‘who is fit to lead the country’, owing to my discussions with friends and the recent security breaches, coupled with terrorists attacks shifted my Conversation on insecurity and the Nigeria question.

We have been living with insecurity for a while now; it started from the North East, later snowballed into farmer-herder clashes, and to this monster banditry that seems insurmountable. Nigeria missed to nip it in the bud a few years ago owing to perceived regional interests and lack of political will. As if we had seen it all, hence the coming of President Muhammadu Buhari, a retired General who presented himself as a solution provider coming from the security constituency. The people believed in him and expected him to tackle insecurity head-on based on his experience but Nigerians are perplexed at his abysmal performance.

 President Buhari hires service chiefs but doesn’t know when to fire them, if not for the soldiers confronting bandits frontally with moribund equipment with lesser fire-power and this has embolden the non-state actors to have the Dutch courage to issue kidnapping threats against a sitting president and a state governor.

The recent attacks witnessed across the country are a signal that our security structure needs total overhauling. It was a Kuje medium Prison raid and ever since it’s been an everyday attack, even our admired amiable brigade guards were not spared leaving the country with casualties on the side of our gallant men in the heart of the country is very worrisome.

 Abuja residents are living in panic, based on the threat to heavily attack the nation’s capital. Owing to this threat the National Assembly has given an ultimatum to the President to end insecurity or face impeachment. Either they will carry it out or not is another matter entirely. The country seems under a siege, from the North to the South. The entire leadership seems confused as what we hear is security meetings without tangible outcomes.

The dissent groups keep getting bolder and their strategies right but the government seems on a cross road. As his administration winds down, Buhari needs to deliver on his promise of securing the country at least to restore his battered image, as any feat recorded so far has been dampened by insecurity.

 This takes us to the much talked about Nigeria question. It is time to answer the Nigerian question. I mean what we need to do as a nation that will restore peace to our land. Now, is the time is high time the call for state police is being looked into. A trial of regional security networks as seen in some regions, even though without approval from the Nigeria Police we can all see has helped in reducing the level of attacks witnessed in these regions, one can imagine if it is officially gazette and how effective its operations would be. Adopting a state police module, will enable the states to provide internal adequate security for her citizens. This campaign has been in the public domain for a while, but not been taken seriously by the elites. The worst of them all is the law makers that see nothing good in it. Some sections tend to reduce the Nigeria question to provision of jobs and making life easy for all. It has gone beyond that simple provision now. The current state of things, even if those parameters are provided it will still need regular policing structure to secure the states.

Now that things are this bad, one expects a further dialogue on the subject matter, with the political parties talking about it and making sure it forms part of their core agendas. Not the recent exchange of words that has no logical developmental agenda for the citizens. It is with state police that we can reduce the current insecurity level. Restructuring of the Federation with its components will allow for even spread of scarce resources and makes the country safe and easy to protect her citizens. Decentralization of power, access to manage natural resources in your locality will further enhance the need for a secured state and region. While we await a total turn around, it is time for the present leadership to provide required leadership and live up to expectations. Part of why the recent government was voted for was thought of their ability to secure lives and property.

It is time to take back the country; our roads should be made safe again. Needed procurement to be done and strategically leading the war against terrorism should be done now. Our territories must be re-captured; all hands must be on deck to ensure that we combat the insurgents. Living in peace now will guarantee free and fair elections come 2023. The Nigeria question must be addressed now. Now is the time to act.

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