Insecurity: 2023 Elections Under Threat – Falae

Insecurity: 2023 Elections Under Threat – Falae
  • Says Nigeria needs president that understands our multi-ethnic, religious nature
  • .Decries politicians’ tribalistic, selfish inclination 

.Funso Ojo, Akure

Former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, and the Presidential candidate of the defunct Alliance for Democracy, AD, in the 1993 Presidential election, Chief Olu Falae has expressed fear that indices are rife and ominous signs perceived across states by many that insecurity orchestrated by terrorists, agitations leading to self-actualisation and overzealous politicians may not allow the 2023 general elections to hold.

Addressing newsmen in Akure, the Ondo State capital, Falae said “I am praying that terrorists will allow elections to take place in Nigeria”.

The former Minister of Finance, who noted that the country is precariously on the edge of a precipice and doubted whether elections would hold next year, said Nigeria at this critical time, needs someone who understands that it is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and a very complex country as president. This has come to mind as the APC Presidential candidate picked a Muslim from the North as his running mate.

According to him, “A few days ago, they burnt the Independent National Electoral Commission’s offices in the South-east zone and they have been doing that for a long time. We hope the election will be possible”.

In the same vein, “Choice of the APC presidential running mate has ignited reactions by many stakeholders in the Nigeria affairs across party lines. The Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has faulted the choice of Bola Ahmed Tinubu for being inconsiderate of our diversity and ethno-religious lines that are very insensitive. This has resulted in many of the APC chieftains across faith resigning from the party pointing at the imbalance in the choice of the Muslim-Muslim ticket and many especially the APC Northern Christians support groups have withdrew their support for the embattled APC presidential candidate. This action has polarized the adherents of both faiths as this may heighten confrontations during campaigns and on election day.

The elder statesman stated that if elections take place at all, they may not be credible and the outcome may not be acceptable to the general public.

“If during voting, shooting takes place and there are riots, the outcome will not be credible. I am hoping that we will be able to have an election next year.

Speaking on how the polls may be decided, Falae prayed that God would choose a good president for the country.

He said ethnic campaigns as currently seen are inevitable “When you have a government that does not present itself as a government for all the people. If a government presents itself to be a champion of a section of the people, naturally others will begin to defend themselves”.

 “I am praying that if we have elections, God Almighty will intervene and pick a president and government that can lead us out of the crisis that we are in. Nigeria is precariously on the edge. I hope it will not be toppled, he noted.

While saying that Nigeria is not a difficult country to govern, as against the claim of President Buhari who informed the progressives’ governors that he is counting down to return to Daura. Mr Falae said, “We need a president who shows genuinely that he is for all Nigerians, he does not just say it, he acts it in all his decisions and shows that he cares for all Nigerians and Nigerians will respect him”.

He, however, called on communities to mobilize and defend themselves from those attacking them.

“Once every village is secure, then Nigeria is secure. Let individual communities, families arrange their defence. Security is a local matter. Every community should mobilize its people for its security. Every village, every hamlet should mobilize its people to defend themselves. The police would do their work and DSS would do what they can do, but every community must have their security.

“For example, in my community at Ilu Abo where I am the Olu, we have our vigilante group and they have instructions to comb all the surrounding forest. If you see any strange person, arrest him and bring him to the police station.

“Let the individual community, families arrange their defence. Security does not necessarily mean shooting. A critical part of security is prevention, information, monitoring and intelligence. Before terrorists can strike in any community, they must have been mobilizing and hanging around the place for some time.

“So, people must be vigilant and continuously monitor their environment. If they notice anything strange, they should go after the person. If anybody attacks you, you have a right to self-defence.

“If anybody attacks me, I will attack the person back with whatever I have. But I will not be the first to attack anybody. Because self-preservation is the first order of creation. The most important part is surveillance, intelligence, monitoring of your environment and keeping strange elements out of your area”.

Speaking on the issue of ethnic agenda, Falae said, “It is stupid to be sectional as president; because that is an invitation to crisis. We need a president that knows and acts like Nigeria belongs to all of us.

“That is what Nigerians want. A fair-minded person. It does not matter where he comes from. After all, whoever is Nigeria’s president must come from one particular family, one particular tribe and one particular town.

“All he needs to do is to know that apart from his people, there are also other tribes that have equal claim to Nigeria’s patrimony. If he acts accordingly, Nigerians will hail him.

“Unfortunately, most politicians are tribalistic and they are not exposed at all to still be thinking that they are from Kanuri, Ibo, Fulani or Yoruba. But if we have a Nigerian who sees all as Nigerians, that is the way out of our problem”, he said.

Meanwhile, the presidential candidate of the APC and leader of the party in a mega rally at the Osun state in support of the gubernatorial candidate of the party has called on the state citizens to come out en masse and vote for the incumbent governor Adegboyega Oyetola for the future of their children, praying them to shun the opposition PDP and Labour Party candidates in the July 16 governorship election as their supporters will labour in vain until they die. He said, ”Parties like Labour and the PDP will labour till they die, God will not make you  labourers”.

Recall that Gboyega Oyetola the APC and incumbent governor is in the race with the opposition PDP Ademola  Adeleke , Labour Party Lasun Yusuf and many others.

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