Indecent Dressing Worsening, Eroding Moral Standards

<strong>Indecent Dressing Worsening, Eroding Moral Standards</strong>

Globally, indecent dressing has become a distinct phenomenon which has continued to be embraced by more citizens in various age groups and social strata. Besides, almost all religious persuasions whose mantra goes against this growing fashion cum social trend have been put to the sidelines by its proponents.

Here caution is thrown to the wind as no dress sense is applied by most of these persons, irrespective of the situations they find themselves in.

Public facilities, including schools, offices and religious places, where it is expected that the highest sense of decorum is applied are even the worst spectacle of these incongruous dispositions. Many schools are now harbouring terrible characters whose stock in trade is to adorn skimpy clothes where they are almost naked at the admiration of some patrons who are themselves not persons to be taken as important members of the society.

There was a time in our societal dictates where unwritten rules determine what individuals could wear to specific occasions. However, all that appears to have gone to the wind, given the untamed attributes of many, mostly younger citizens today. Many think that when the issue of indecent dressing is mentioned, thoughts usually run wild to focus on the women folk but that is such a tendentious position. Indecency as far as dressing is concerned cuts across gender, age, religion and ethnic background.

In the various episodes cutting across several public functions, including videos and cinemas, not a few absurd images are passed in the name of selling out for advertisement of the thousands of products and services that are strewn on various platforms and media. These forms have degenerated social norms and as the detriment of a society that is fast deepening into atrocious ‘dressing to kill syndrome’.

While we acquiesce to individuals’ right to self-expression as enshrined in the various provisions on human rights, it would be indefensible to allow nudity to become the order of the day as can be seen today. It is relatively offensive to many who abhor obscenities to have their sensibilities abused by a few unguarded dressers.

We agree that it is a relative situation when it comes to indecent dressing as what applies in one instance and applauded by many may just be offensive elsewhere. However, there must be a sense of modesty by persons when they need to appear in official public functions for instance, without making it appear that they have lost their sense of decency.

Where necessary, party and night wear should be used to enhance purpose where individuals have to live within their social context uninhibitedly. Even at that, it does not call for nudity as brazenly exhibited today by many.

We are concerned that the situation is degenerating as it appears that even in some places of worship where the highest sense of decency is expected, many fail to adhere to the social code fitting for such an environment.

We call on parents and religious leaders across all faiths to continue to raise the standard against these obscenities that are reigning across our country.

We are concerned that to some extent, the growing cases of rape could be attributed but not exclusively to indecent dressing. If we rule out that aspect, it would also give room to further check other inducing factors which are taking a toll on our society.

AljazirahNigeria states as a matter of fact and categorically that we are not in any sense making a case or excuse for the atrocious and despicable crime of rape, however, certain atmosphere such as indecent dressing seems to foster its commission.  

It is not time for feminist groups to take position to defend nakedness just to justify gender rights where caution is first thrown to the winds by several victims.

In another breath, even men now exhibit various tendencies in several guises against what has been over the ages known as acceptable. Not a few today play up tendencies suggesting that they have lost their dress sense as men. There are fears that should the situation degenerate further, our cherished culture and values would soon be eroded by these overdose of influences coming from outside our shores will subsequently take the place of our most revered and cherished African cultures with upholds decency and respect for the individual person, with extension to others.

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