Huawei, Arravo Sensitise Customers On New Technology Solutions

Huawei, Arravo Sensitise Customers On New Technology Solutions

By Joel Ajayi

Huawei, a global technology company, in collaboration with Arravo, one of its partners in Nigeria, jointly organised a stakeholders’ forum in Lagos recently, where they raised customers’ awareness about new technology trends and solutions that would drive business growth and profitability, while reducing operational cost.

In his opening remarks at the forum, the CEO, Arravo, Mr. Ayo Adegboye, said the forum was organised to bring customers together to learn modern technology trends from Huawei.

“We are looking at new software solutions that will help drive customers businesses in a most profitable way. We are also looking at different layers of authentication to boost network security of customers, including wireless cloud, which is the new trend of business.

With Huawei Cloud technology, customers are relieved from all infrastructural challenges they had to pass through in building their own infrastructure, which is capital intensive. So such cloud technology initiative from Huawei will help customers save more money and be able to concentrate on their core business of providing real-time service for customers. Our customers cut across various sectors like telecommunication, oil and gas, industry, manufacturing, education, health, among others,” Adegboye said.

Giving an overview of Hiawei’s global operations, the its Channel Manager, Augustine Ukaa, said Huawei would continue to invest in Research and Development, with a view to developing new solutions that would drive business growth and resilience.

“Huawei has invested over $90 billion in Research and Development in the last ten years. Our revenue has steadily grown over the years and our plan is to have good presence in Nigeria in order to serve the Nigerian customers better, while working with our partners like Arravo,” Ukaa said.

Senior IP Product Manager at Huawei, Chinedu Omenkukwu, in his presentation, gave insight to intelligent network management in an organisation, and explained how customers could take advantage of Huawei Cloud, to build a fully wireless and intelligent cloud campus network, in order to archive their digital transformation vision. He talked about the need for organisations to harmonise their operations into single network, with the support of Huawei Cloud solution.

According to him, organisations are moving their applications to the cloud and the Huawei Cloud solution would help in achieving this much faster, easier, and safer.

“Huawei has four major categories of solutions in the IP product line, which it deploys to ease access to Huawei Cloud, using four engines such as the Air Engine, which is a code name for the Huawei wireless product; the Net Engine, which is used for the router product lines; the Cloud Engine, which is used for campus switches and data centre switches; and the HiSec Engine, which handles the security product lines,” Omenkukwu said.

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