Group Wants All Agitators Prosecuted

Group Wants All Agitators Prosecuted
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The members of group known as Patriotic Movement of Nigeria have said they wants the Federal Government to initiate the prosecution of all criminal elements that constitute themselves into agents of secession, destabilization and dismemberment of the Nigeria federation.

In a press statement issued on Sunday in Abuja by the group’s spokesman, Alhaji Bello Abbdulkadir, PMN said, the agitation for restructuring mustn’t go with all manners of criminalities including the taking of precious lives of other citizens.

The group warns that no group has any reasons to take arms against the state and people of Nigeria.

The group want the government to act decisively against all criminals killing, maiming and kidnapping Nigerians for whatever reasons, work assiduously to secure the lives and properties of all and every Nigerian in whatever part or section of the nation he may reside. 

Other suggestions made by the Patriots included the reintroduction of extensive history and civic education in all secondary schools across the federation with the aim of countering the many false and misguided literature circulated freely and dangerously among the citizens. 

They also suggested to dissuade socio-cultural organizations from participating in politics while encouraging political parties to take more active roles in debates about the common destiny of the nation state. 

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Speaking on the agitation for restructuring, the movement noted that the Nigerian constitution has an in-built robust procedure for amendment through alterations. “It is our advice that the constitutional processes be adhered to in whatever changes are demanded on the political structure of the nation state”.

Alhaji Bello Abbdulkadir, admitted that there are national challenges the All Progressive Congress, APC, saying, government everywhere is responsible for the protection of lives and properties of its citizens as well as the provision of adequate security. 

“In recent years, it is obvious that the government of the day and previous ones have failed to deal decisively with criminal elements in the society who engaged in one form of crime or the other.

This, according to the Patriots, “has led to a situation where some petty criminals have grown into full monsters threatening the corporate existence of Nigeria ranging from secessionist IPOB in the East, to banditry and kidnappings in the North and rouge vigilantes in the South West”.

Alhaji Abbdulkadir said that the Patriotic Movement of Nigeria commends the Federal Government of Nigeria on the recent interception, arrest and extradition of the leader of IPOB, Mr Nnamdi Kanu and the effort to bring the secessionist leader Sunday Igboho to book. 

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They urged the Federal Government to do everything within its powers to deal decisively with all criminals irrespective of whom they are and where they come from, saying, no criminal should be treated as a sacred cow. 

“The Federal Government must secure every inch of the Nigerian land space and its borders. An end must be brought to criminal activities of the secessionist IPOB in the South East, acts of banditry and kidnappings in North West and North Central by some criminal Fulani elements and also secessionist criminal activities of some Yoruba warlords engaging in extrajudicial killings in the South West”. 

The Patriotic Movement of Nigeria believes that the last 20 years of the Nigerian nascent democracy, various governments have treated issues of national security casually in a wrong belief that the guarantees of a constitutional democracy permit citizens to act against the corporate interest of the nation state.  

“Nigerians have been fed outright lies and mischief by those who ought to know better. Many Nigerians have become very gullible because our educational system is designed to ignore the important lessons of history of Nigeria and Africans through deliberate efforts in removing history in the school curriculum.

“Slogans, phrases and words with simple political meanings have mischievously been mis-defined and misinterpreted to create tension across the land”.

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On the agitation for the restructuring of the federation, the movement said Nigeria problem wasn’t in Restructuring. 

“Since the return to democratic rule in Nigeria, various regional and political groups have called for restructuring in Nigeria with themes and subthemes such as devolution of powers, resource controls, regional constitutions, state police, states creation, constitutional amendments.

“Several national conferences were held since 1999 bearing different nomenclatures’ to address this agitation for restructuring during the Presidency’s of President Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan whose reports have been abandoned”.

 The statement added that “it is our firm belief that the problem is not so much with the need to restructure, rather it has always been with the failure to provide sincere leadership in governance and the just application of the Nigerian constitution by leaders heading various organs of government at the National, State and Local levels both elected and appointed”.