Governor Buni’s Quest To Improve Infrastructure Legendary — Commissioner

Governor Buni’s Quest To Improve Infrastructure Legendary — Commissioner
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Hon. Yarima Lawan Mamoud, who is a grassroots politician, administrator, he is serving Commissioner, Ministry for  Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs Yobe state. In this interview with our Senior  correspondent Northeast, HASSAN JIRGI, he speaks on the development in the state, local government structure impact  under Governor Mai Mala Buni administration and on going effort to tackle various challenges among others issues.

Q—Can you assess the administration of Governor Mai Mala Buni in the last nine months in terms of human development in the state?

A—Governor Mai Mala Buni is a God given gift to Yobe state. In fact, he could be described as an anointed leader. The reason is quite obvious; he has made history in the development of the state. A few landmark achievements are the construction of a network of roads  across the state in general and the state capital, in particular. This was not only in the state capital; he made sure all the 17 local government areas of the state benefited from this programme. 

He has embarked on the construction of 3,600 housing units in the state.
He has embarked on the construction of rural roads to open up the rural areas because Yobe state is basically an agrarian area so that people will be able to bring their agricultural to produce to the market. He has also embarked on the provision of water both in the state capital and in all the local governments. So, he has made a good record. He is a man I have personal respect for, he is honest, dedicated, and a visionary leader. He has embarked on a number of projects that will transform this young state. 

The beauty of democracy is that it gives people the freedom to choose their leaders. 
This perhaps explains why it is the most popular system of governance being practiced in civilized countries. 
Yet, for the citizens of Yobe state, the dream of benefiting from the dividends of democracy has remained a mirage until Governor Mai Mala Buni came to the scene. 

Q—Sir, Do you think Governor Buni Has Tackling the issues of Unemployment among the youths?

A—i will like to tell you more about we have done well and we are still doing a lot. the proposed Potiskum Truck Transit Park which was planned to support up to 5000 direct jobs and which was tailored to change the concept of the growing trucking business of Potiskum is about the best initiative directed at the group of people whose comfort and economic well being is critical to the peace of the state.

The foundation laying ceremony has already been laid by the Governor and work has started in earnest. In his speech at the foundation laying ceremony, the Governor reckoned that Potiskum, with about the highest concentration of trailer trucks in the whole of the North, the 5000 jobs to be created, with their spin-offs will transform wealth creation in the state and improve the economy overall. Again, within this short period of time, the Governor has also laid the foundation of the construction of 3600 housing units in collaboration with the Family Homes Funds Limited, across Yobe state. The Governor described the event as one of the key development goals of his administration.
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In order to reduce youths on street, Governor Mai Mala Buni through his recent action, has proved that he believes in the motion which states that the progress of any nation depends on the development of its youth. By assuring that his government would invest N232 million on youth development on paint production training for 680 youths the governor said the essence of the training was to empower youths of the state with adequate skills that would make them expert paint formulators.

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He lamented that, the training will also address restiveness and unemployment made the observation. “It was part of a series of empowerment programmes designed by this administration and it is also meant to instil self-reliance in them so that they would set up their own businesses afterwards.

In fact, 680 beneficiaries would be fully utilized in all the projects going on in the state. The trainees were selected from across the 17 local government areas of the state,  the government would no longer engage any painter from outside the state to execute its projects. The training was meant to train participants to be responsible citizens and generate more employment opportunities through paint manufacturing. The programme  cost N232 Million, which would be contributed by all the 17 local government councils in the state.

Q—what are the duties and responsibilities of the Local Government for the grassroots?

A–while, as we’re all known that, the important of creation of local government, local government is a form of public administration which, in a majority of contexts, exists as the lowest tier of administration within a given state. Local government generally comprises the third tier of government, whereas in unitary states , local government usually occupies the second or third tier of government, often with greater powers than higher-level administrative divisions.

The term is used to contrast with offices at state level, which are referred to as the central government, national government, or (where appropriate) federal government and also to supranational government which deals with governing institutions between states. Local governments generally act within powers delegated to them by legislation or directives of the higher level of government.

However, other roles of government include distributing national wealth, planning national policies and steering the ship of governance as a whole. In achieving its set objectives, the system of government is divided into various arms or tiers such as the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature or the Federal, State and Local authorities. In Nigeria, the duties and functions of the different arms or tiers of government are provided for in the Constitution. The duties of local government authorities is to foster grassroot support and partcipitation in the system of governance.

I want to tell you that, the responsibilities maintenance of roads, streets, street lightings, drains and other public highways, parks, gardens, open spaces, or such public facilities as may be prescribed from time to time by the House of Assembly of a State naming of roads and streets and numbering of houses provision and maintenance of public conveniences, sewage and refuse disposal;

In our law, the functions of a local government council shall also include participation of such council in the Government of a State as respects the following matters the provision and maintenance of primary, adult and vocational education, the development of agriculture and natural resources, other than the exploitation of materials the provision and maintenance of health services, such other functions as may be conferred on a local government council by the House of Assembly of the State, the provisions of the constitution, it is evident the important roles our local government councils play in the administration of our various local government areas.

Knowing the different duties and roles played by government agencies in the lives of members in the community and how to engage such agencies is quite important to encourage greater facilitation and discus among stakeholders in a community. This is a call for every one to demand accountability and high performance from our
local government authorities and their committees.

The role of a government and its agencies in societies can never be over stated, government agencies are responsible for our security, maintenance of public infrastructures and institutions, regulation of economic policies, Supports local government in its role of promoting the well-being and quality of life of citizens and communities through the efficient performance of functions and delivery of good-value services at local level.

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Q—within short period of time, as a Commissioner ministry for local government and Chieftaincy Affairs what is your achievements so far

A—We have achieved a lot. First of all the Governor Mai Mala Buni has approved N220, 759, 558.04 for the payment of the benefits of 180 retirees from across the 17 local government areas of the state. The amount approved by the governor, N163, 422, 317.30 would be paid to 132 living retirees while N57, 337, 240.74 would be paid to the next of kin of 48 deceased LG staff.

This is batch 39 in the long list of benefit payments to local government retirees as recommended by the Standing Committee on Verification and Settlement of Outstanding Liabilities of Gratuities and Pensions of Local Government personnel. Some may recall that in December 2019, Governor Buni had approved N247 Million for the payment of batch 38 of 194 retirees from the local government councils.

Let me tell you that, Governor Mai Mala Buni has approved a total of N353, 171, 749.70 for the payment of the liabilities of 253 retirees from across the 17 local government areas of the state.

The approval constitutes batches 40 and 41 in the long list of benefit payments to retired local government staff. Of the 253 affected LG staff, 66 are deceased and their benefits, totalling N91, 778, 281.52, would be paid to their next of kin. The remaining sum of N261, 393, 468 would be paid to 187 living retirees.

Some may recall that on 14th February 2020, the governor had approved the payment of N220, 759, 558.04 for the payment of the benefits of batch 39 of 180 retirees from the 17 local government areas. Approvals granted by the governor are based on the recommendations of the standing committee for the verification and settlement of outstanding pension and gratuity liabilities of local government retirees.

Q—Sir, Can we know more about you?

A— I was born on 16/7/1958 at Dara, Yunusari Local Government Area of Yobe state, Yarima began Attended Gaidam central primary school in 1974, Teachers college Damaturu in 1981, after taking the West African School Certificate Examination, he was processed to Institution in 1983, than he obtained the Bachelor’s  of Arts degrees in History in 2008 from University of Maiduguri, masters of Arts strategic studies in 2016. Working as a Local Education class 1979, Authority Gaidam, Head master 1981-1982, Defunct Yunusari LGA, Appointed as Chief Adult Education officer 1983-1984, Yunusari LGA Council elected as Executive Chairman under NRC 1990-1993, He was a Chairman Caretaker Yunusari 2009. He was elected Chairman under ANPP from 2009-2011, Chairman Caretaker Committee of Yunusari 2011-2013, Yunusari LGA Council elected as Chairmen under Non-Party Basis 1996-1997, Member Yobe state house of assembly under PDP 1999-2003, served as Chairman House Committee on LGA Chieftaincy Land and Solid Minarets. Member Women Affairs, Member Public Account Committee. He was appointed as Special Assistant on legislative matter under former Governor Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim. also elected Chairman of Yunusari Local Government under ANPP 2013-2015, he was appointed as Chairman Caretaker Management Committee 2015-2017, he was elected Chairman under ANPP 2017-2019. He was also appointed as Caretaker Committee from may 2019. And now appointed as a Commissioner.

Q—What is your advice to staff of Local Government to be diligent?

A— As a commissioner to serve the state and Humanity in General. I also thank Governor Mai Mala Buni for finding it feet for appointing me as commissioner in-change of Local government and chieftaincy affairs . I am expecting something more than that. I will stay with you, work with you and expectedly from the Governor and the entire state to do something much better than what it is now, let me give you a brief history  about myself, I was elected as Executive Chairman of Yunusari LG in 1990 and 4years member House of Assembly, I really have a lot of experience about local government Administration,

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Therefore I am appealing to the staff to cooperation, work hard, brings all our hands together to discharge our Duties. The responsibility is not for me along, I am just a team leader of the ministry, Being ministry as a team, a team leader must lead at least drive to success of the policies and objectives of the Government. My expectation from you is very high, let us all cooperate and work hard to achieve an objectives of the Government.

I will like to advice of our staff that, local government Ministry to work assiduously in the discharge of their duties. Because the government’s  agenda will achieve effective service delivery if staff discharge their duties in line with the ministry’s mandate. I implore everyone to be hardworking and committed to duty; it is only when we are committed that we would help the present administration deliver on his electoral promises to the people in line with the State government’s agenda.

While soliciting for the support of the Royal Fathers who are the custodians of culture and tradition, called for a seamless working relationship with the Local Government Councils. Let’s work together as a team, I believe in teamwork so that we could excel and be sure the best will come from our working together, by achieving a greater Yobe.

I  urged all Yobeans to assist Yobe state Governor Buni to overcome insecurity. Those in authority could not achieve success alone and must be helped by all Yobeans, urged citizens to pray for and help the leaders to guide them to achieve security for the country to achieve the desired security of life and property.

I call on the people to keep in pray for peace and harmony in the state and country at large. Yobe is our home, we don’t have other home like Yobe, we must put hand on desk to bring unity, peace and development in the state. I will like to use this opportunity to appealing the entire people of Yobe to keep ethnicity and religion aside, and embrace each other for peace to reign not only in Yobe, but the country at large.

challenged the people to team up and secure the state for economic activities to thrive. He prayed for the speedy end to the current insurgency which has caused untold hardship to the people of the state, adding that he shall continue to pray for the governor Mai Mala Buni as he pilots the affairs of the state. With the relative peace and security our attention is now focussed on resettlement, economic recovery and stabilization effort. We are determined to rebuild the state, revitalize the economy and empower the youths and women to be self-reliance” he emphasized.

I appeal to the entire people of the state to continue giving their support and cooperation to the governor Mai Mala Buni for his leadership style in order to mover the state forward. I am confident that with Buni as Governor, Yobe is on the threshold of fighting its way out of the challenges brought about by the insurgency, Yobe under Buni is not in any doubt about its desires, needs and priority areas.


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