God abandoned America, now lives in Africa, says black American

God abandoned America, now lives in Africa, says black American
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By Asare Asare

According to a 62 year old Black American woman, Jerry Whiters,
Nigeria has the richest natural resources in the world and has other
potentials capable of making her a superpower. In this interview with Aljazirahenws,
Whiters who  had long dreamed of returning to Africa, said she has not
regretted her decision to settle in Nigeria.
Could you let us into your background, especially where in America were you born? I was born in Omaha, Nebraska, but raised in Wichita, Kansas. After graduating from high school, my adult life was spent through college life and beginning of my working career in Los Angeles, California. I have also spent a few years on the east coast of America, particularly in Atlanta, Georgia, which I really loved because it allowed me to live amongst so many of my Black American family which helped prepare me for my destination to Nigeria. I never knew my earthly father, Acie Brison Jr (who is late), but God blessed me with the best mother in Rosie Whiters-Vesey, who still resides in Wichita, Kansas, with my step father, Dr Galyn Vesey. I am the first born of seven children to her. How many children do you have? I have been blessed with one son, born in America. I have also been blessed with a son and daughter from Nigeria (not biological) but God has blessed me with them nevertheless, and there are so many more, almost everywhere I go, that I am pleased and grateful to be their adopted Mama. I have a sweet daughter in-law and three wonderful grand children (two girls and a boy). As African-American, what attracted you to settle in Nigeria? Not just Nigeria, but Calabar in Cross River State. God has kept His promise with the Black man. He is in Africa. He is not living in America, not with all the atrocities going on there. What do you like about Nigerians, or what do you dislike about the country? I am more than happy and so comfortable to be living with and around my own people and not feeling like I am a part of a minority of people as I spent my growing up years in America. The love of God for me is what sustains me here because to be totally honest with you, there are a few things about Nigeria that I dislike because I feel these things keep my people living in the past (or backwards even) when we should at least be moving further ahead than we are in our present state of living. The lack of electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week is my number one dislike.! This unfortunately, is the cause of a few more dislikes, which I believe bamboozles my people into believing that it is okay and is a normal way of living. Number two, Nigeria is the home of all the greatest natural resources in the world, yet we have not used our ingenuity properly to take advantage of these great gifts from God. Number three, we do not manufacture products and we grow very little commodities for ourselves, which would have provided so much revenue for us as well as making sure that all of our people are adequately taken care of, and this great country would never and should never be considered a Third World country again. Have you always wanted to come home to Africa? Yes! Definitely! I have always dreamed of coming home to Africa and always believed that I would one day, in this life time. You mingle and integrate so easily amongst Nigerians, how do they see or take you? I think I mingle pretty fairly but as far as integration, I believe I do so at a rating of 98 per cent! This being because no one looks at me and sees a stranger or a foreigner, that this, until I open my mouth and speak, then I make heads turn; everyone will be looking to see who is speaking with this American English (accent). Quite a few of the elderly that I have met sometimes do not understand two words that I have said. But most of the young people especially the children understand me very well and even ask me to teach them how to speak like me. Having to leave the world's superpower country to come down here, are you not missing a lot? Are you comfortable here? Of course, I miss eccentricities of modern living ( high quality technicalities) according to American standards, but I also know the history of my people and the fact that God allowed them to be taken away as slaves and they helped build that so-called (by man) superpower country. But one day, hopefully not too far in our future, all that belongs to Africa will be returned to her, and then we will all know the real superpower country. Are your children/family happy over your decision to settle in Nigeria? My son and I are very close and for the most part, believe and think about life basically the same. Although he does come from a younger generation, so he does have many ideas that vary, but spiritually, I would say we are on the same page. He definitely believes that I am in the right place; he has visited me in Nigeria and loves it as well as he knows and believes that one day he will live here as well and bring with him many God- given talents and attributes that he has been blessed with to share with his fellow Africans. As for the rest of my family, my mother and siblings, it took them a while to realise that this journey in my life is not temporary. They are quite happy for me although we do miss each other... By God's grace and modern technology, we are able to stay in close contact and the day will come when they will all step their feet on this great continent of Africa and sojourn here to Nigeria, Calabar. Will you encourage more Black Americans to settle in Nigeria? Without a doubt, I let all of my family and friends know the blessings that await them here in the motherland. My people have been hoodwinked and bamboozled for so long about Africa, but the truth is surely coming to light. We have a very cultured heritage to be proud of and it stems from right here, the heart of earth. Everything is God's timing and He is revealing himself to the world as He said He would. Any regrets so far? No! Not a single regret! I am so blessed and privileged; I cannot thank God enough! I can only continue to pray that His will is done in my life. Do you appreciate Nigeria's culture and traditions? I absolutely love, adore and appreciate the culture (most) traditions of Nigeria. I am so proud to know that this is where I come from. Actually, we all come from Africa but that is another story for another day.


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