Fresh Borrowing Request Of N 2.2trn By The Federal Government: Nigerians Speak

Fresh Borrowing Request Of N 2.2trn By The Federal Government: Nigerians Speak

Following recent information that President Muhammadu Buhari has written to the National Assembly, seeking approval to borrow another round of foreign loan worth N2.2trn ($4,054,476,863bn), this is not the first time the President requesting approval for external loans this year.

In May, he requested the sum of N2.343trn which according to him, was meant to part-finance the budget deficit of N5.602 trillion in the 2021 budget. Do you think the debt is healthy for Nigeria? AljazirahNigeria’s, Wisdom Onyeisi went round the city of Abuja to sample public opinions.

Clement Ubong

At this point, it is obvious that this government has no good intention for this country. If the money borrowed has increased without tangible things done to show that they borrowed money, it is clear that this government has decided to wrap up this country with debt. Nigeria government has borrowed such amount of money and Nigerians are still suffering, still very hard to survive, nothing is working, yet such a huge amount of money has been borrowed.

The question is, what have they done with this big amount of money they have borrowed? They have also recovered funds from looters, where are those money? This government came to add to the problems in Nigeria. Who borrows such amount of money to run a country and expect to see progress?

Adeniji Patrick

I am not surprised, because it is what you get from a government that lacks what it take to run a country, yet they have refused to admit it. They have rough handled the revenues from major resources of Nigeria. They have embezzled Nigerian funds, now they settled in borrowing and still extorting and increasing the figures of money borrowed every day. How can this country grow? Why our leaders suddenly forgotten that whatever evil they committed in the name of  a position, nature will pay them back. When will Nigerian finish paying this debt?

This government has only succeeded in ruining this country. Other government of the world is busy bringing innovation and transforming every sector in their government in other to serve the people better, what we see in Nigeria is headless and baseless government who does not care for the masses but only their selves and family.

Henry Nze

It’s very unfortunate that our leaders has completely finished this country. Personally, I do not believe in that figure because what this present government can not influence does not exist. They will borrow $10m and they tell the Masses they borrowed $50m. Where are we heading with such kind of leaders? The truth is that this government is a complete failure, whether they accept it or not.

It is very clear to Nigerians that they have use their eyes to see their ears in this regime. Everything is destabilized in this country right now even with the huge amount of money borrowed nothing has been fixed. How long will Nigeria continue to have leaders with selfish interest and evil intention?

They have borrowed and they are still borrowing without shame. It is too bad and Nigerian youths should arise to fix this country.

Charlene Eseoghene

It’s a lie. That figure has been influenced by the government. Their intention is very clear. It’s to make life unbearable for Nigerians. If Nigeria with so much resources and income is still borrowing, yet the life lives of Nigerians are not improving, it means the government is not utilizing the money they borrowed. Nigerian government should stop borrowing and start using the revenues generated from the resources in Nigeria. Our major problem is greed among our leaders and it has led to mismanagement and misappropriation of funds. Nigerians are tired of this government and this government has proven to be the worst government in the history of Nigeria.

J. C. Habbib 

Sometimes, when I look into this government, I weep for Nigeria Because the lifestyle and mindset of Nigerian leaders is very bad. No leader that cares for the future of Nigeria will borrow such amount of money to run a country when the country is generating money from major resources in Nigeria.

The money generating from Nigeria resources is more than enough to run the affairs of this country. I don’t know what this present government is thinking borrowing such huge amount of money. It’s very wrong and they are not helping the future of Nigeria.

Shola Wale

This government is trading with the future of Nigeria. No conscience at all. How can Nigeria progress in such kind of debt? What exactly have they done with such amount of money borrowed? Everybody in Nigeria is crying and complaining Because of hardship in the country.

This government is corrupt yet claiming to fight corruption. How long will Nigeria continue to be in the hands of evil leaders whose plan is to completely ruin the country? This is a wicked administration that doesn’t care for the future and the lives of Nigerians. They should not forget that everyone on earth will die and nobody will take money along or properties to the grave. Life in Nigeria is not longer easy for the people. Nigerian leaders should turn a new leaf and learn from other government of the world who are changing their country without incurring debt.

Benson Uchenna

I am not surprised because I know this government is capable of doing anything to reduce Nigeria completely. They are still going to borrow more. It is what you get from a heartless government whose plan is to ruin and kill. God will not allow them sell this country.

It is very unfortunate that Nigerians have to suffer in the hands of those they have elected. A country that the leaders borrow money to share does not have a future. Nigerians cannot continue like and become a very developed country. Day after day, Nigeria is completely going down because of greed among the leaders in every level. This greed has become a norm in country and there are many people on cue waiting to loot. I advise this government to stop borrowing and start managing the country with the resources in the country. It is more than enough if they have the right intention.

Dorathy Menim

Seriously this government is a not helping Nigerians. With such kind of money borrowed yet everything is turning upside down in the country. Nigerians needs divine intervention I think that is the only way to come out this problem facing Nigeria in every area. No government in their right senses will borrow such huge amount of money without thinking about the future of the country. I pray God help us and deliver us from this government.

Lawan Zakariyya

Well, I understand that running a country is not easy. Sometimes we put the blames on government without checking what they go through. Leaders are human being who needs right advice to lead. We should understand that Nigeria is a large country and requires a lot to handle the affairs.

There is nothing wrong in borrowing when it is rightly used. Nigerians should understand that there are a lot of things our leaders go through to handle the affairs of this country.

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