Frequent Military Air Crash: Nigerians Speaks

Frequent Military Air Crash: Nigerians Speaks
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Following the recent air crash that killed the Chief of Army Staff and 10 other Senior Military Officers in Kaduna, and inability of the President to honor the fallen heroes during their burial in Abuja just a few Kilometers from the Villa. What is your take on the incident and the failure of the President or VP to attend the burial ceremony? AljazirahÑigeria’s Wisdom Onyeisi and Salome Unwuchola went round the city of Abuja to sample the opinion of Nigerians.

Dickson Afolade

It’s very unfortunate that the chief of Army staff died a few weeks after his appointment.  I sincerely sympathize with the family. It is a huge loss to the Nigerian Army and Nigerians. I don’t understand why Mr. President and his Vice- President did not attend the burial ceremony. I think this is my first time to see a president who could make excuses to the dead. At least, if he was too busy, his Vice-President would have tried to be present to honour him. We all must reap what we sown. It was the chief of Army staff but it could be any other person tomorrow. It is always good to do the right thing even when it is not convenient.

Okwudili Ejemadu

It’s a very sad incident. I sincerely sympathize with the entire families of those involved in that aircraft crash. May their souls rest in peace. The Nigerian Army has recorded two aircraft crashes this year. It calls for serious concern. Investigation should be properly carried out to know where the problem is coming from. Nigerians cannot afford to keep losing top and gallant soldiers every time. Something should be done immediately. President Buhari and his Vice did not do well. It was a very bad one. I believe in the history of Nigeria, it has never happened before. No matter what happened, the Chief of Army Staff deserves to be honored because of his position in the country. He died in active service. The president may have his reasons, but his absence was not a good one at all.

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Zakariyya Hassan

 President Buhari does not regard anybody in this country. He has made it loud and clear, that he is for everybody and he belongs to nobody. It means whoever he decides to honour who he wants to honour. About his absence, I am not surprised because I know anything can happen in this regime. The Nigerian Army should do something fast about this frequent aircraft crash in order to avoid losing their top men. It is very sad news and it’s very unfortunate. My sincere sympathy goes to the families of those who lost their loved ones to this another unfortunate aircraft crash. 

Lawal Ibrahim

The death of the Chief of Army staff is a sad one and a big blow to the entire country. We can blame anyone for now; at least after investigations, death can knock anytime and anywhere. It is just so sad that he is just a few weeks in his position as the Chief of Army staff. May the souls of all of those involved in the crash rest in peace. I believe that whatever stopped the President and the Vice-President from honouring the burial ceremony of the chief of Army staff is very serious. Things don’t just happen. To every Nigerian, the president and Vice didn’t do well but I know that whatever that caused their absence could be something beyond their control. I still believe he and his Vice will send their condolences to the families of the gallant men of the Army who lost their lives. 

Abba Yahaya

Nigerians are more concerned about the absence of Mr. President, forgetting to consider that there could be strong reasons for that. Even with his presence, the Chief of Army Staff and his entourage will not come back to life. Let’s face the needful by talking about the reason for the frequent crash of Nigerian Army aircraft. To me, this should be the focus of every Nigerian. The question should be why and what is happening or wrong with the aircraft of the Nigerian Army?

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Are they too old for use? Are they well serviced? Or are there people behind the crash among the Nigerian Army? We should be talking about all of this and stop focusing on the absence of the President Buhari and his Vice Osibanjo. I sympathize with the entire family of our fallen heroes.

Isaac Fedrick

The aircraft crash was a shock to me. We cannot continue to lose our men like that. I think some of this air craft are not properly serviced and now it has resulted in taking the lives of our gallant men. I feel the pain of every Nigerian and especially for the families of every soldier onboard. It’s so sad and I pray God to grant them the heart to bear the loss. I never wanted to talk about the attitude of Mr. President and the Vice-President. You see, things happen for other things to happen and other things that happen reveals a lot to the clever ones who are sensitive to matters. Their attitude speaks volumes and it is not a very good one coming from a President and the Vice.

Aisha Ibrahim

The incident calls for serious concern because this is the second time the Nigerian Army aircraft has crashed down this year. The Nigerian Army should take bold step and thoroughly investigate the cause of the air craft. Nigeria cannot continue to record death after all we have lost in the hands of Boko Haram insurgents. The absence of the President as the Commander in chief of Army staff of Nigeria is also not good considering the tragedy that befell the Nigerian Army.  The Nigeria Constitution demands that due honour be given to the fallen Heroes. Mr President would have his reasons but as a Nigerian, I am saying that those reasons or reason is not enough. Main while, I send my condolence to the families of our soldiers who lost their lives in the aircraft.

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Zach Apuham

It is so sad to hear that the Chief of Army staff of Nigeria died in an air crash after his recent promotion. Although death can come anytime and anywhere, it is very important we try to do the needful in other to remain alive for our loved ones. This is the second time the Nigerian Army aircraft has crashed landed this year. I think immediate actions should be taken to find out the reason (reasons) for the constant air crash. For the absence of the President and the Vice-President, I reserve my comment.

Samson Amadi

President Buhari should apologize to the family of the victims and the entire country for failing to attend the burial ceremony of the chief of Army and his entourage. No matter how serious his reasons are, the chief of Army staff deserve his last honour. Buhari cannot continue to turn everything in this country upside down by acting the way he feels. As our service to the country matters, so our lives matters as well. He was appointed, he never appointed Himself. Now that death has come, he deserves to be honoured. I sincerely sympathize with the family and I pray God will give the strength to bear the loss.


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