Fraud: Nursing And Midwifery Council Allegedly Diverts Funds Meant For FIRS

Fraud: Nursing And Midwifery Council Allegedly Diverts Funds Meant For FIRS
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Abdul Lateef Taiwo Bamgbose

Nursing and midwifery Council of Nigeria established for the promotion and maintaining excellence in Nursing education and practice has added another responsibility of nursing fraud as part of its mandate.

The annual report of the Auditor General of the Federation bares eloquent testimonies to how the management of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria  has helped itself with N825,689.

57 which the management deducted as PAYE taxes from the February 2014  salaries paid to the Staff of the Council whose salary accounts are domiciled in Abuja.

In the report exclusively obtained by AljazirahNigeria, the amount was purportedly remitted to the Federal Inland Revenue Service through payment Voucher No. N&MCN /2014 /410 dated 17 March 2014 and Union Bank of Nigeria payment mandate ref. No. N&MCN /FS / E payment /60/Vol.1/1 dated 17th March 2014.

Following the audit report on the finances of the NMCN of Nigeria submitted to the Senate Committee on Public Account , in a letter  NASS/ PAC/ 15 ; 19 / 1274  dated  March 17th 2017  it wrote to the NMCN to explain the discrepancies observed in the audit report from the office of the Auditor General,  the query from the Auditor General‘s office stated much, “As at the time of the periodic check in June 2015, which was one year from the date of raising the payment mandate for its remittance, there is no indication in the bank statement that the amount has been debited from the Council’s account  for onward payment to the FIRS . This contrary to the extant government regulation on the monthly remittance procedures for all deducted taxes”, the report noted.

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The report further stated that “The sum of N49, 545.80 was observed to have been deducted as PAYE from 5 (Five) overhead cost payment vouchers.  The deductions were made from computed payment for extra hours of work on official assignment paid to some officers of the Agency. There was no evidence of remittance of this money to the FIRS”

It was also observed that 78 ( Seventy Eight ) payment Vouchers for amount totaling #35, 400, 408 , 23 raised during the year under review for various payments were not produced for audit examination, These payment were either not raised or missing . Therefore it is difficult to conclude that the payment made on these UN presented vouchers are in the interest of the Government.

The Auditor General also observed that the fix assets Registered and scheduled kept by the Nursing and midwifery Council of Nigeria was not updated, the absence of this record creates room for pilfering, misplacement and misapplication of valuable assets, the Auditor general stated.

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If the rot in the NMCN is reek with stench, further examination of the financial records of the Council Aljazirah Nigeria gathered oozes to high heavens,  the operating revenue surplus of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria for the 2014 as obtained from the User fee First Bank Of Nigeria bank account as at 31st December 2014 was N250,430,491.05 (That is the total credit lodgment  income of N1,548,843,095.23 minus the total payment for the year expenditures of N1,298,412,604.17).

In line with the extant Government Circulars, rules and Fiscal Responsibility Act. 2007, the Council is expected to remit 25% of their User fee collection  operating surplus amounting to N62,607,622.76 (25/100×250,430,491.05) to the Consolidated Revenue Fund, however, the audit examination revealed that  as at the time of the audit examination in June 2015, the Council had not remitted this amount to the Consolidated Revenue fund account of the federal Government , six months after the end of the financial year, the Auditor General therefore recommended that  the  “Management of the Nursing and Midwifery  of Nigeria should remit N62,607,622.76 to CRF of the Federation without further delay and forward evidence of remittance to the Auditor General’s office.

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The audit examination noted with concern that the sum of #28, 677, 359, 00 as state below

Capital Grant N28,670,467.00; Overhead cost grant N1,892.00; Personnel Cost Grant 5,000.00.

Total N28,677,359.00 represent from the personnel Cost, Overhead Cost and Capital Releases to the Council as at 31st December 2014, these amount was claimed to have been paid back to the sub treasury of the Federation through the CBN Account No. AGF FST CRF 300000209, vide three mandates dated 31st December 2014, this was in compliance with extant regulations and Treasury Circular No.

TRY/A6&B6/2009 Of 17th November 2011 and TRY /A14/2013 of 6th December 2013, the audit query recommended that the Management of Nursing and Midwifery should forward the relevant Treasury receipts obtained from the sub treasurer of the Federation as evidence of return of the unspent balances to CRF for verifications, otherwise the total sum of #28, 677,357.00 be paid into the CRF of the federation without further delay.


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