Former PDP State Chairmen Of Northern Nigeria Disagree With Party Over Attack On Emefiele

Former PDP State Chairmen Of Northern Nigeria Disagree With Party Over Attack On Emefiele

By Deborah Musa, Abuja

The Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) Former State Chairmen, under the umbrella of Forum of Former Northern State Chairmen of PDP and Youths under the aegis of PDP Democratic Youth Forum have reportedly disagreed with some members of the party over alleged attack on the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) Governor, Godwin Emefiele.

Speaking at a joint stakeholders forum in Abuja, Wednesday, a cross section of the party’s former state chairmen and  youths demanded that the Governors of PDP focus on the internal challenges threatening to polarize the Party and not dissipate effort on Mr. Emefiele who now seems to be their focus.

The Coordinator of the Forum of Former Northern State  Chairman, Alhaji Adamu Musa and one of the youth leaders from Nasarawa State, Umar Yusuf, called on the Governors and PDP NEC to concentrate efforts on resolving the zoning issues which is a present existential threat to the Party, as there is nothing to show that Dr. Godwin Emefiele has joined the race.

Adamu Musa, in a reaction, asked the Party’s Governors to stop attacking a man who is not in the Presidential race yet and concentrate on the internal problems of the Party so as to reposition the Party.

He cautioned the Governors of the Party to ensure the zoning debacle does not tear the party apart and to ensure that PDP is repositioned to appeal to Nigerians in 2023.

Alhaji Adamu, who spoke on behalf of the Former State Chairmen of the party from 19 Northern States said “We cannot be spending all our energy on a man who has not even declared to run this election or is the CBN Governor the only candidate our Governors are afraid of to join the race? Why all this frenzy about Emefiele? What if the man is not running? Or have our Governors already given up for the man? Do they not know that the APC analysts can notice this palpable fear and now know that Emefiele could be their best candidate

“APC have over 8 candidate’s already in the race and we are not talking about them but distracting ourselves” Adamu said.

He added that a united PDP stands a good chance against any candidate of the APC including Dr. Emefiele who is the most likely to emerge as the APC candidate.

Prince Chibuike Afulike, another youth leader from Abia State, advised that it is best to concentrate on how to strengthen the party rather than allow distractions of what maybe in another political Party as this could cause them to lose in the next elections.

He said “Leaving our party’s internal crisis to continue brewing to chase shadows is the best recipe for PDP to lose the next election. Our Governors must not be fixated and scared about Emefiele joining the race because, even if he is the candidate, we cannot compete, if our party is this divided”.

Recall that it was alleged that some PDP Governors had accused the CBN Governor of spending billions on his Presidential campaign.

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