Formation Of Regional Security Outfits: Nigerians Speak

Formation Of Regional Security Outfits: Nigerians Speak
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Following the formation of Ebubeagu in the South-east, Amotekun in South-west regional security outfits, amid killings and security concerns in the country. Do you think the regions have successfully introduced regional or state police through the back door, and will this bring a lasting solution to the country’s security challenges? Aljazirahñlgeria’s Wisdom Onyeisi and Salome  Unwuchola went round the city of Abuja to sample the citizens’ opinion.

Olamide Adetunde

To me I do not see anything wrong. It was not introduced through the back door. The primary duty of any government at any level is to protect lives and property. Since the federal government cannot do anything about it, I appreciate the decision of the southeast and southwest governors because they cannot just fold their arms and watch their people die in the hands of herdsmen, kidnappers and bandits. It may not bring a lasting solution but it will go a long way to adjust and calm the fear of insecurity in the country. Kudos to the governors.

Uche Ibe

The regional government has taken the best bold step as far as I am concerned. I believe it has come to the point where they cannot just watch the killing and atrocities of herdsmen, kidnappers and bandits. Although it would have a disadvantage, I strongly believe it will help to reduce the rate of insecurity in various regions in the country. The federal government has failed Nigerians, so the introduction of the southeast and Southwest regional security outfit will be another strategy to put an end to insecurity issues. They should be properly trained, oriented and equipped. The system should have a very outstanding structure to enhance effective strategies of discharging duties.

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Dennis Ovie

With the establishment of the southeast and Southwest regional security outfit, it shows a great concern for lives and property. If they can properly manage it, without politicizing it, it will help us have fresh and a relief from insecurity matters in the country. Since the federal government could not map out a strategy of putting an end to insecurity issues in Nigeria, this will be a very good one to help bring calmness on insecurity matters. The southeast and Southwest governors should give it outstanding balance and make sure those they are recruiting are well informed and skillfully trained to intelligently cripple the activities of this herdsmen and kidnapping every.

Hassan Ibrahim

The problem with these men is that it’s going to be another opportunity for them to embezzle money. Government at all levels in Nigeria has failed. If they introduce a regional security outfit, what will be the duty of the police and the Army? To me there is no need to stress about insecurity when they know what is written to do. If the police and the Army can be allowed to do their job, this nonsense called banditry, kidnapping and the atrocious activities of the herdsmen will completely stop. For me, it won’t still solve the insecurity challenges in this country, rather it’s another means of making and embezzling money. The federal government knows what to do. Our problem is corruption. Corruption has so eaten deep in the minds and flesh of our leaders. If they want to put an end to insecurity, they should allow the police and the Army to properly do their job without interference.

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Yusuf Gowon

What then is the duty of police and the Army? They are trying to say the police and the Army are not capable?

Watch it, even though they establish whatever they want to establish, they will still be influenced by the politicians behind the evil activities in the country. It will never put an end or bring any lasting solution to insecurity. It’s not about establishing a security outfit, it is about doing the job without negative influence.  Nigerian leaders should remove their hands from evil and stop sponsoring boys with guns to destabilize the country. The police and the Army are enough to handle insecurity matters in this country. They should be used for not establishing unnecessary security outfits that will end up doing nothing.

Ola Ezeora

The attacks of these herdsmen and bandits are getting too much. If establishing a regional security outfit will help Nigerians in the southeast and Southwest have peace, I think it is acceptable. Right now, people are very much afraid of traveling on Nigerian roads because of abduction and robbery. I do believe the police have been overpowered. If the regional government can properly train people who will assist the police to bring peace , it is a very welcomed development because acting like they don’t know what is happening will also affect them too. I have strong support for it, because I am impressed and I believe it will bring a lasting solution to the insecurity challenges in Nigeria.

E.A Ede

I do not think they have introduced regional police through the back door. If the federal government who is supposed to handle the affairs of the people, especially on security matters, has refused to do the needful, then the regional government should do whatever they can do to help fight and secure the lives and property of their people instead of watching their people die daily. Since they have come up with a regional security outfit, the federal government should set up a body to monitor the activities of the regional security personnels. They should be accountable and guided by the law to know their jurisdiction and as well avoid excesses and misconducts.

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Daniel Alex

This one is still not going to help insecurity issues because establishing regional security outfits without addressing the main issue will keep things the way they are. Let them sit down to understand why the police and the Army could not handle bandits and herdsmen before establishing a security outfit. Those people have a strong back up in the government and that is what is giving them the boldness to do what they want at any time. They should look into it and fish out these things. If they refuse and think establishing a regional security outfit would solve their problem, then they should watch out for another dimension this people will employ.


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