FG’s Borrowing From Shareholders’ Dividends, Dormant Acounts: Nigerians Speak

FG’s Borrowing From Shareholders’ Dividends, Dormant Acounts: Nigerians Speak
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Following recent announcement by the Federal Government to extend its borrowing spree to individual shareholder’s dividends and dormant accounts to fund the 2021 budget deficit, AljazirahNigeria’s Wisdom Onyeisi went round the City of Abuja to get the responses on the matter.

Akubueze Justin


See, the FG is obviously making a big mistake.

The country has a big debt to pay and all they can think of is borrowing more money.

Assuming these borrowed money are out into proper use, it would have been a different case, at least we would have been sure of a positive progress in the nearest future; but, the reverse is the case, they rather borrow and share amongst themselves rather than putting it into use.

They do not have good plans for us. I believe they are gradually selling this country back into slavery.

Ralph Olisekwu

Where are these leaders leading this country to? What happened to the revenues generated in this country by various sectors in this country?

They have misused everything and now they want to borrow from individual dormant accounts. This is not good at all. The future of Nigeria has been jeopardized by this men who lack strategy and development skills. I do not support their decision as a Nigerian. They should use the money recovered from looters and they should build a sustainable system to generate money to run the affairs of the country.

Yomi Samuel

When will this borrowing stop? This is too bad. A blessed country has been totally bankrupt because of greed and the wrong motives of our leaders. Even though they borrow from individual’s dormant account or stakeholders, I know our leaders will still come up with another reason to borrow again without building the country with the money they borrowed before. We are tired of hearing about borrowing upon borrowing. If you check the account of this leaders, the money in each of their accounts is enough to run this country. Why are they destroying this country? Who will pay this debt? How can we grow when we are in debt? They should forget about it and manage the resources and revenues generated in the country.

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Miss. Joyce Egbulem

No country moves forward in debts. Our leaders are not helping this country at all. Nigeria will keep retrogressing if our leaders keep borrowing.

The idea of borrowing from individual dormant accounts and stakeholders is not impressive. They should restrategize and leave people’s money alone.

Mr. Victor Aluko

If the government has a good plan to invest and generate income from the money they will borrow, it is not bad.

Our problem in this country is poor management. If they can be sincere and get a good plan to help the country with the money, the country will advance. Most of the money borrowed are not appropriately used and it has kept the country the way it is right now. I know I can’t stop them from doing what they want because they are in power, but I want to appeal to them to channel the money into what will change the lives of Nigerians.

Mrs. Blessing Fakunle

I do not encourage it as a Nigerian. The ones our government borrowed before is not bringing anything or helping our people. Borrowing will not help Nigeria, the government should know that. It is not a good idea and I advise the government to change that plan and forget it.

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Mr. Zakariyya Yusuf

The government should not think of doing that all. Are they not ashamed at all? Why is this government not thinking deep? Please they should think about something else. Nigeria will never go forward with this excessive borrowing every time. They should think about the future of our dear country. They should manage other revenues and invest, and create jobs for the citizens.

Mrs. Ruth Ejike

It’s an Infringement on human privacy. How can the government go into our accounts and take our money? It’s a fraudulent move. The government is confused, what has it gotten to for them to start entering our accounts to borrow money? If they are broke, they should find another means of getting funds and leave our accounts alone.

Ayo Kenneth

Our government will still not make judicious use of it. They will share it among themselves. Borrowing money will not change Nigeria. Our government should change their minds and their plans as well. This government has been very funny since they emerged. They are not doing anything good to improve the lives of Nigerians yet they want to take from the people. It is not good and I do not support it as a Nigerian.

Mr. Okwuchukwu Obinna

The problem I have about their plan to borrow is that our government will still divert the fund. They will still disappoint us. I have completely lost hope. I am not in support because I know nothing good will come out of it.

Mrs. Gladys Nze

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This can’t happen and it is not done anywhere that a government will borrow or collect money from a citizen’s account even though the account is dormant, a citizen that pays tax and has other responsibilities.

Mr. Suleiman

FG borrowing money from citizens account is not going to improve or sort out the financial problems of this country as the country will still be in debt, instead there are ministers who collect indecent amounts of money. What I am saying in essence is that the FG should collect a part of their salary and not disturb innocent citizens that are struggling to survive.

Mr. Anthony Isong

For the FG government to make such a statement then something is wrong somewhere based on the financial status of the economy. For crying out loud, the FG is not getting it at all. The FG should sort out their financial problems and not go to its citizens.

Ebenezer Segun

How can the FG say they spent 3.1 or is it 3.2trillion naira for what? Palliative that was never shared but stored in a factory if not because of the protest to end SARS that sprung up some course of actions, maybe by now no one would have found out those items hidden in warehouses.

Lastly the government should go and sort out their problems and leave people’s dormant accounts please.


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