Feminist Group Launches Book To Advocate Actualization Of SDGs

Feminist Group Launches Book To Advocate Actualization Of SDGs

By Chika Mefor-Nwachukwu

A feminist group, Nala Feminist Collective has launched a book, “I am Nala” to advocate the actualization of the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) and the demands of Africa Young Women Beijing+25 Manifesto.

Speaking during the event in Abuja on Friday, the founder of the group, Ms Aya Chebbi revealed that the book is a compilation of seven stories by Nala Council members adding that each chapter of the book advocates for one of the SDGs.

“The book will be a yearly publication and we are publishing online. You can go to Nalafem.com and get your copy. It is for free. For next year, we want to raise more voices. So we welcome Nigerian feminists to reach out to Nala so that we can have more stories documented from Nigeria,” she said.

She added that the group was also holding its inaugural summit to celebrate its first anniversary and explained that the event with the theme, “I am Nala” was aimed at bringing young feminists together and leveraging on the multiple thematic of the book which address the multiple challenges young women face across the continent.

“We are demanding equity; equity that recognizes that over the years, women have been limited, barriers that have destructed women’s ability to reach a certain height. We want to tear those barriers down and embolden them to get to those places,” she said.

While speaking on how feminism has helped in the development of the society, one of the Council members of the group, Natasha Mwansa stated that the movement has helped to bring out the various potentials in African women and all over the world.

Mwansa explained that feminism preaches partnership where everyone realizes how valuable they are and are allowed to play their roles for the greater good of the society.

“The idea about feminism is not to fight the men, but the system. It wants to bring out just how valuable women are. Feminism brings out women for what they are.

Feminism should be seen as a movement that is really about partnership and not a threat. It brings development especially when everyone is coming together to partner towards development,” she said.

Speaking on their contributions to the book, Human Rights Defender and feminist writer, Ms Rosebell Kagumire, Chief of Staff, Office of the Hon. Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya and President of the Supreme Court, Ms Rose Macharia and Executive Director, Stand to End Rape Initiative, Oluwaseun Osowobi stated that the book tells a true-life story of their travails, challenges and in a patriarchal society and how they were able to overcome them.

Nala Feminist Collective(NalaFEM) is a Pan-African front of feminists with a mission to foster, enable and mobilise(FEM) women and girls from Africa and Diaspora.

The NalaFEM council consists of 17 women leaders under the age of 40 who are the youngest ministers, parliamentarians, activists and innovators advocating for the B+25 Manifesto and the implementation of the Action Coalition’s commitments towards the Decade Action.

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