Federal Government Ban On Twitter: Nigerians Speak

Federal Government Ban On Twitter: Nigerians Speak
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Following the recent announcement by the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, that the Federal Government has indefinitely suspended the operations of the micro-blogging and social networking service ‘Twitter’ in Nigeria. The suspension according to the statement cited the persistent use of the platform for activities that are capable of undermining Nigeria’s corporate existence.

What is your take on the issue, AljazirahÑigeria’s Wisdom Onyeisi went round the city of Abuja to sample the opinion of Nigerians.



That hasty decision to suspend the operation of Twitter is simply because Twitter couldn’t condone Buhari’s threat to kill IGBOS and they deleted his handle. But the world has already seen and taken note of the statement made by Mr. President. I think the suspension isn’t good fate and can’t be effective.


It’s very unfortunate that Mr. President did not check what it will cost Nigerians before making such a decision because his tweet was deleted. The international community which is supposed to intervene made it clear West Africa is never a priority during the end SARS protest. Which means, we are on our own.  So it is unequivocal their primary motive is to ensure they continue their dictatorships, agendas, mimicry and violet rape of democracy unhindered, and without the entire world knowing the happenings in the country.


Honestly I feel Twitter disrespected Mr. President and Nigerians by deleting his tweet. I believe there is freedom of speech for everyone even if they feel his tweet would spur war in the country. Nigerians should stop comparing the past president with Buhari because everyone is different in character and the way they see things. However, I do not support the action of Mr. President, suspending the activities of Twitter because many Nigerians have business deals with Twitter. Those business deals have been helping to build the economy of Nigeria. So, it will destabilize many businesses dealing with Twitter.  Government should lift the ban and forgive Twitter because of Nigerians.

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Suspending twitter is a misplaced priority by the government who has lost focus. Is Twitter the problem of Nigerians now? Nigeria is currently facing insecurity and Nigerian government is distracted by Twitter. What manner of president does Nigeria have? This government has reduced and completely finished Nigeria. The suspension of Twitter by Buhari’s government is baseless and it is as a result of lack of intelligence. They should face the problems in the country and stop pulling down Nigeria. 


No President with his right sense would take such a decision without thinking about the effect on Nigerians. I have always said it, this government has failed Nigerians and it is now clear to everyone that this government does not have good intentions right from the beginning.  If Buhari had a good intention, he wouldn’t have made such a statement that led to deleting his tweet. Mr. President should look into His actions and apologize to Nigerians for making them lose billions of Naira and focus on the main issues in Nigeria.

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Why will Twitter delete the tweet of Mr. President? For me, it is very wrong. I don’t know how you see it but it is wrong to delete the tweet of Mr. President. It shows they were influenced by some people who hate the administration of Mr. Buhari. Such action was not just because of the president’s tweet, there are alot to such actions. For me, suspending twitter operations will help the government checkmate those who have influenced them to fight the president’s government. What is wrong is wrong, even though the government took a drastic action.


I believe Twitter has their right to treat any tweet that is against their terms and conditions of operation. If Buhari had good intentions for Nigerians he would have apologized to Nigerians instead of thinking of banning the activities of Twitter.  It reveals the dictatorship system of government that Buhari has subjected Nigerians to. Knowing well that banning Twitter will affect the businesses of millions of Nigeria, he suspended Twitter. They deleted only his tweet and not the tweets of all Nigerians. He would have deactivated his account on Twitter not subjecting every Nigerian to his baseless suspension.


Suspending twitter while kidnapping and Banditry is ravaging the country is a senseless action. Sometimes I wonder about those who advise Buhari on public matters. Such action is cruel as it has a strong negative effect on many Nigerians. If such immediate action and energy is channeled towards insecurity matters in this country, millions of Nigerians would not be looking for how to leave the country. For me, this government has missed it in every area. They have lost focus, they lack strategic planning and they are incompetent. Why would you leave important issues and face inconsequential issues that will create more problems for Nigeria.

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Sometimes, I wonder why this government priority is on things that will pull down this country. Suspending Twitter is not what will be needed in Nigeria. This government has been looking for ways to shut up the mouths of Nigerians completely from their mischievous activities. I am not surprised at all because if you were under the government of Buhari before now, you will understand better. Buhari is a dictator, he does not care what happens. He does whatever he feels and he wants to do without considering the masses. Honestly Buhari has lost it. I know his supporters will not agree but that is the simple truth. He should lift the ban as directed by the U.S.


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