Fashion: Get Rid of Those Mistakes

Fashion: Get Rid of Those Mistakes
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By Victoria Apata

Some good fashion designers that have passion for  sowing anything with fabric but the client have we never consider some certain errors or mistakes most of them make!

Well here are the two major mistakes you must look out for.

FINISHING: well this can’t be over emphasized.

It is embarrassing when the finishing of an outfit comes out poor.

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It does not matter how expensive the fabric but if the style have a good finishing it can make the outfit look cheap.

LACK OF CREATIVITY: All our styles seems to be the same like dansiki, agbada, senator and so on.

When it’s original, it goes a long way. For example – the fashion designer who sow Ebuka’s Agbada that he wore during Banky W wedding which  went viral shows how creative the designer was. His Agbada was hooked in a traditional way.

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As a designer you have to be super creative


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