Extortion At NIN Registration Centres: Nigerians Speak

Extortion At NIN Registration Centres: Nigerians Speak
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The public raised the alarm through the social media platforms of extortion at the NIN enrollment centres by officials against desperate applicants that came to register for NIN. AljazirahÑlgeria’s Wisdom Onyeisi went round the city of Abuja to sample the opinions of Nigerians.

Emmanuel Aham


It’s very wrong and shameful. How can one extort money from a fellow citizen simply because you are privilege to be a NIN registration officer? It’s an act of wickedness. Government should look into it and bring those involved to book. This country is not only in hand of our government, but also in the hand of the citizens. Everyone should do the right thing and help protect the image of this country by avoiding fraudulent practice or anything that will affect the country. Nigerian cannot advance in such spirit. Government should set up a body to monitor the activities of those in charge of the NIN registration.

Ilorin Ogheneovo

Why will they not extort money from others when our so called leaders have been embezzling public funds, making life unbearable for the citizens? Nobody is proud of their action or attitude but when you trace it, it is as a result of hardship. People are suffering in this country. It’s what you get when the government’s lack good skills and proper planning. There are many ways to avoid this nature of attitude. If they had made it in a way that people can register at the comfort of their homes or premises, you wouldn’t hear about such attitudes. Meanwhile, I indulge them to change and do the right thing and help reduce the problems in this country rather than increasing it.

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Mahammed Sanusi

When I say that everybody in this country is corrupt, some people will try to defend themselves. Right now, look at the attitude of ordinary NIN registration officers. There is no way we can advance with that can of attitude. They should stop it and the people should also stop encouraging it by offering the money they request. They are paid for their job and that is enough. Everything in this country is becoming tiring, we cannot continue like this. Government should immediately stop such attitudes and search out those who are enriching themselves with the privilege they have.

Evelyn Amaechi

We have come to the point in this country where everyone will have to know that whatever you do must surely bounce back in hundred folds. The government has played its role and wont not do everything for us. Everyone has a conscience. We know what is right or wrong. Extorting money from people simply because you are in position will not only affect the nation but it will still affect the individual because that money will judge them. Even if some Nigerians have all they want in this life they will still kill and extort money from others.

Dauda Zakariyya

It has become a lifestyle in Nigeria. So I am not surprised. Some people are not helping matters. Once they see any opportunity to get money, they will embrace it with no regards to the law. We all need to change our ways in this country because those waiting to embezzle money when they see any opportunity are more than half of the number of the people in Nigeria. Government is should please look into it and take necessary action against those officers whose conscience is dead.

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Nora Andrew

Anything can happen as far as Nigeria is concerned. I weep for Nigeria. Nigeria is just like a pit where waste is kept, anything can grow there. NIN registration officers are now extorting from people instead of doing their job. It’s very bad and believes that many Nigerians are too desperate, both those giving to the officials and the officials that are receiving. We are not getting it at all. Corruption has eaten deep into the heads of every government official in this country.

Oluwatosin kehinde

Government contributed about ninety five percent of what is happening. They should change the system of registration if not the extortion will continue. I Know my country; they cannot be stopped, no matter the noise anybody is making about it. Even the media can’t stop them because those collecting the money are doing so for their bosses. They report to their bosses. Nigeria is already bad, to repair the country, we must all start with changing our mindset. If the heart is changed, then things will fall in place. NIN registration officers should be closely monitored by the government to put a stop to their mischievous attitude.

Bamidele Aristocrat

Our greatest problem in this country is corruption. It has finished Nigeria. Even in this pandemic where people are losing their lives and the country is very difficult, some officials are busy extorting money from people. You see, people’s consciences are no longer alive. Those officers should be investigated and be dealt with. It’s getting too much in Nigeria. Nobody wants to calm down. We believe in influencing everything in this country. Things are no longer done the way it should be. Their attitude is very bad and they should handle it so that others will learn a lesson. Just to register people they are extorting from them, what will happen if they are given the privilege to lead this country? Let’s advise ourselves and do the right thing.

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Mercy Thompson

Government should take immediate action to stop this kind of mischievous attitude. Why will a NIN registration official extort money from people when they are paid?

Corruption has become a lifestyle of Nigerians and it is a big problem. They should be cautioned and monitored. We are tired of hearing evil reports in this country. People should do something to promote this country instead of pulling the country down with their attitude.

William Ikenna

I have noticed that people in Nigeria have developed the attitude of using any position they have to enrich themselves instead of doing the right thing. We need positive change. NIN registration officials should be seriously cautioned. I also suggest the government should design a way that can register online. They should design a website and release it to the public so that they can go ahead and do their registration easily.


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